League of Legends: Split 2 Rune Changes
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League of Legends: Split 2 Rune Changes

Split 1 of the League of Legends Season 2024 is ending in just 18 hours, and Split 2 is about to begin right after. This means big changes are coming to the Rift. We're not just talking item tweaks or champion nerfs and buffs this time. Riot Games has some exciting rune changes lined up for Split 2 as well!

The rune system allows players to customize their champions with powerful bonuses and unique playstyles. With a new split on the horizon, Riot is shaking things up by adjusting several runes. These changes could completely shift the meta and how we approach our favorite champions.


LoL Removed Runes

Riot Games is making some bold moves with the rune system in Split 2. In an effort to shake up the meta and keep things fresh, they've decided to remove several runes from the game completely:

  1. Overheal 

  2. Ingenious Hunter 

  3. Predator 

  4. Lethal Tempo 

  5. Minion Dematerializer 

  6. Legend: Tenacity

These runes have been staples in many players' builds and playstyles, so their removal is sure to cause a stir. No more Overheal to keep you alive in those clutch moments. Say goodbye to the enhanced item abilities of Ingenious Hunter. The roaming power of Predator will be a thing of the past. Lethal Tempo's attack speed boosts are going away. Minion Dematerializer's early lane control will be missed. And Legend: Tenacity's tenacious resistance to crowd control will be no more.

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LoL Rune Adjustments

Riot isn't just removing runes in Split 2; they're also making some significant adjustments to several existing ones. Here's what you can expect: 

Cut Down Rune: The passive is getting a big change. Previously, it dealt more damage to champions with more health than you. But in Split 2, it'll deal increased damage to any champion above 60% health, regardless of your own HP.

Font of Life: A brand new passive. Font of Life will heal you and nearby allies whenever you crowd-control an opponent. The heal might not be massive, and the cooldown is lengthy, but it could provide some clutch sustain.

Sudden Impact: This rune is getting a major buff. Instead of just bonus damage, it'll now deal true damage after using a dash. The catch? The cooldown is increasing from 4 to 10 seconds. Any auto attack or skill shot within 5 seconds of dashing will deal 20-80 true damage.

Hail of Blades Nerf: Ranged champions are getting hit with a Hail of Blades Nerf. Instead of 110% attack speed, they'll only get 80% from this rune. Melee champions remain unaffected.

Press the Attack: This rune's damage is becoming more focused on 1v1s. Only the user will deal the extra damage, not their whole team. However, the effect won't disappear after a few seconds – you'll keep dishing out bonus damage as long as you maintain those 3 stacks!

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LoL New Runes

In addition to removing and adjusting runes, Riot is introducing some fresh new options in Split 2:

  1. Cash Back Rune: This rune helps you get richer. Upon purchasing a Legendary item, you'll gain 6% of its cost back as bonus gold!

  2. Jack of All Trades: For each different stat you gain from items, you'll get a "Jack stack." Each stack provides Ability Haste, with bonus Adaptive Force at 5 and 10 stacks.

  3. Legend: Haste: Say goodbye to Tenacity, this new rune is taking its place. Legend: Haste allows you to stack Ability Haste, up to a maximum of 15 AH. More haste means more spell-slinging!

  4. Absorb Life: It grants you a percentage of the health from any target you kill - champions, jungle camps, minions, and epic monsters!

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Riot Games will be pushing some LoL rune changes for the upcoming Split. With runes being removed, adjusted, and introduced, players will need to carefully reevaluate their builds and strategies. While losing staple runes like Lethal Tempo and Ingenious Hunter will be tough, the new additions like Cash Back and Absorb Life promise fresh gameplay opportunities.

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