5 Rare League of Legends Skins
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5 Rare League of Legends Skins

With over a thousand different skins available, League of Legends offers players tons of options to customize and flex with their favorite champions. Most skins come and go through the in-game store rotations, but a select few are incredibly rare and coveted by dedicated collectors. These skins are hard to obtain, usually only available for limited times or to very small groups of players.

In this article, we will highlight the 5 rarest skins in League of Legends history. Read on to learn about the rarest of the rare League skins that barely any players can claim to own. With utter rarity and prestigious acquisition, these 5 skins stand above the rest in terms of exclusivity and flair.

Rarest LoL Skins

PAX Twisted Fate

By far, PAX Twisted Fate is the rarest and most expensive League of Legends skin to ever exist. You might wonder why... We will tell you, that because Riot barely gave any out when League first started. Only a few hundred people got codes for it back in 2009. Riot hasn't sold it since then. So almost no one has this skin. When you see it in a game, it's crazy!

The black, blue, and white combination look super cool. And it shows you've been playing League for years. No other skin is as rare and special as PAX Twisted Fate. It's like a legend among skins. Players who have it are so lucky. That's why it costs a ton if you try to buy an account with the skin owned there.

It's the definition of exclusive. Simply having PAX Twisted Fate means you have something almost no one else does. That's what makes it so amazing and valuable after all these years. It's the rarest of the rare!

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Twisted Fate Preview:


Alongside PAX Twisted Fate, PAX Jax stands as one of the rarest and most coveted skins in League of Legends. Just like its peer, PAX Jax was only obtainable by attendees of PAX Prime in 2010 by redeeming limited skin codes. Since its initial extremely limited distribution over a decade ago, PAX Jax has never returned to availability again.

Its color scheme and rarity make it an absolute grail for any League collector. While a slightly higher number of codes were distributed compared to PAX TF, we're still talking about maybe a few thousand at most.

With such incredibly scarce distribution so long ago, spotting PAX Jax is arguably even more shocking than his Twisted Fate counterpart. It's estimated that only a few hundred active players possess this skin today. So when loaded into a lobby and you see a PAX Jax on the enemy team, you know you're facing down a true OG. For veteran players, this skin represents peak clout and collectability.

PAX Jax Preview:

PAX Sivir

In addition to PAX Twisted Fate and PAX Jax, a third PAX skin exists under the name PAX Sivir. This ultra-rare skin was only obtainable by attendees of the Penny Arcade Expo in 2011, where limited codes were distributed.

Unlike skins that rotate through the store, PAX Sivir can't be unlocked with RP. She can't be forged in Hextech crafting. The only way to obtain her was being at PAX 2011 when she emerged from the vaults. Now, over 10 years later, any sighting of this glittering gem in game stops players dead in their tracks. For PAX Sivir owners, it's a badge of honor - and a reminder of an era when skin codes flowed freely at Riot events long ago.

PAX Sivir Preview:

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Black Alistar

Black Alistar is super rare because hardly anyone has it. Back in 2009, Riot gave out a tiny number of prepaid cards with codes to unlock it. That was the one and only time ever that players could get Black Alistar. Riot hasn't brought it back since. There were maybe a couple hundred codes total from that original promo giveaway. So basically not many active players today have this skin.

Seeing a Black Alistar in your game is mind-blowing! It's like seeing a famous celebrity walk by. This OG skin shows you've been playing League since the very beginning. It's crazy old school. Only old-school players got the chance to unlock it with those prepaid cards years ago. That's why hardly anyone has it today - the supply dried up instantly! Black Alistar is super valuable just because of how insanely rare it is. It's like a rare diamond or gold coin - barely any exist!

Black Alistar Preview:

Victorious Jarvan IV

Among League of Legends' many premium skins, few generate the same level of awe as the original Victorious Jarvan. Its rarity stems from being the inaugural Victorious skin released way back in League's first season.

This illustrious skin was only obtainable by playing during that maiden 2011 season. After Season 1 ended, Riot permanently retired it to the vaults.

As the pioneers who played League in its infancy, owners of the original Victorious skin possess a badge of honor unmatched by typical cosmetics. Its prestige comes purely from being tied to that earliest era of competitive League.

Victorious Jarvan IV Preview:

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And there you have it - the 5 rarest and most coveted skins in League of Legends history. From prestigious PAX skins to OG season rewards, these grails stand at the peak of collectability. Their rarity comes not just from limited distribution, but from the weight of history they carry.

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