How to get better at League of Legends
League of Legends

League of Legends

How to get better at League of Legends

League of Legends, our beloved game that doesn’t always give us the teammates we could safely call a dream team. Aren’t we all just tired of always losing that precious LP? Hard stuck in bronze, silver or even (god forbid) iron? You are always striving and giving it your best to climb the ladder and reach that Challenger title but your teammates are holding you back, I know. Well, I’m sorry to say that it’s fully dependant on your luck finding great teammates, or is it?

Regardless of League of Legends being a team based gameplay, an indivisual can change the entire course of a losing match to his team’s advantage. And that’s what we’re here for, to help you become a better player, that one and only true legend in the league that can 1v9.

Step 1: Watch and learn

That might as well be one of the most effective ways to becoming a better player. Watching good players and streamers play and focusing on how they react to different situations, what spells they use and when, their runes and item builds against each team comp according to their played champion, how they control minion waves, when to dive or when to back off, warding and so on. These are essential game mechanics that every climbing player should know of. There are countless good streamers that you can watch to help you improve, from yasuo, fogged, professor Akali, sanchovies to tyler1, Oh and don't forget to use that discount code: ALPHA!

Step 2: Practice what you’ve learned

Probably the most obvious step in this guide but a necessary and effective one for anyone to be good at League of Legends, in fact anything. After watching and learning other pro players’ techniques and strategies, plan on putting these newly learned tactics into practice, this ensures that all your reactions and decisions are fast paced and that they occur naturally without thinking. And remember, Practice makes perfect, literally.

Step 3: Pick 2 or 3 Champions and master them

Although this is one of the less important steps it still is very important for League of Legends players who are still relatively new and wish to climb the ladder or get better in general. Playing different champions all the time might not be as good as it sounds since you would have to learn all of its abilities then learn the counters specific to this champion. Moreover, the more you play a champion the more it becomes easier for your brain to control him naturally without thinking which is key to winning lanes, fights and games. However playing only 1 champion all the time might not be the best idea since champions can be banned in games, it is always safe to master 3 or more champions in case your desired champion gets banned.

Step 4: Tilted? Stop playing for a while

A lot of people do actually ignore or totally don’t know about this step but it is of great significance that you must rest your body and mentality after a stressful game. Once a person is stressed or angry they start partially losing control of themselves which would result in them unconsciously playing badly and/or throwing the game (giving up). After a bad and tilting game ends take a break, prepare a cup of coffee or watch some cat videos to relief your stress and get your mind set back on track.

Step 5: Play with a friend (Duo)

A great way of pushing ranked games is doing it with a friend. This method greatly increases your chances of winning since it would be you and your friend carrying a game instead of just you versus the world. This step is also great because everything is more fun with friends and its a fact that human beings do a better job at everything if they are having fun. So what are you waiting for? Go grab that pro friend and start winning games!

Step 6: Fail

Failure is often looked at by society as a bad thing, on the other hand, I consider Failure a mandatory step for ultimate success. Failing is learning so be smart and use it to your own advantage. Behind every glorious success, a thousand failures.

Step 7: Never give up

Giving up is overrated. Its often very common that players would automatically give up once an unfortunate event has taken place. However, to any good player, giving up is not an option. There are many situations where loss is considered inevitable for some but still they prove everyone wrong and come out ahead. Always have high hopes and strive to win. Who knows, maybe you can catch the enemy team off guard while they are trying to end and get that sweet PENTAKILL on them and end the game.

Step 8: Multiple accounts

This step is a slight upgrade to step 1 but will provide an insanely huge difference. It is most common for climbing, high ranked and professional players to have multiple accounts, why? You might ask. Well there’s more than a reason but the most obvious one is to practice all the previous steps mentioned above on an alternative account to avoid losing LP (ranking) on the main account. However this step could be very time consuming and annoying at the beginning since all accounts require level 30 before being able to play ranked game. But don’t worry, here at, we got your back, we provide LoL accounts at cheap prices that have all you need and more to start that epic journey of yours!

That’s it! That’s all you have to do to become a better player at League of Legends, or actually anything! Don’t forget, Practice makes perfect. See you and best of luck carrying your teammates on the battlefield, Summoner!