How to Get the Victorious Kog’maw Skin in LoL
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How to Get the Victorious Kog’maw Skin in LoL

The Split 1 of the League of Legends ranked season is coming to an end in just two days! Riot Games has announced the upcoming Victorious skin for this split. This time, the lucky champion to receive the coveted Victorious skin is the mouth-on-legs void puppy, Kog'Maw! If you're a Kog'Maw main or simply a collector of special skins, you'll want to make sure you secure the Split 1 requirements. 

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How to Get Victorious Kog'maw

To get your hands on the amazing Victorious Kog'maw skin, you'll need to meet a few requirements set by Riot Games. Fortunately, they've made it a bit easier this time around! First and foremost, you'll need to earn a certain number of Split Points based on your rank. If you're below Gold, you'll need 1000 Split Points. However, if you've managed to reach Gold or higher, you only need 80 Split Points.

Riot has adjusted the requirements to make the Victorious skin more accessible to players. Typically, you'd need 1600 Split Points regardless of your rank, but this change means you can secure the skin with fewer points if you're Gold or above. In addition to the Split Point requirement, you'll also need to maintain a decent Honor level. Specifically, you must have at least Honor Level 2 to be eligible for the Victorious Kog'maw skin. If your Honor level is below 2, unfortunately, you won't be able to claim the skin, even if you've met the Split Point criteria.

So, if you're close to reaching the required Split Points and your Honor level is high enough, now's the time to push for that final rank and secure your spot! With these adjusted requirements, the Victorious Kog'maw skin is within reach for more players than ever before.

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The Upcoming Split Victorious Skin

With the end of Split 1 and the launch of Split 2 on May 15th, we can look forward to a new challenge: earning the second Victorious skin of the year. This time around, the lucky champion to receive the coveted Victorious treatment is Sona!

Splits typically last around four months, which means we'll have until approximately September to grind our way to unlock the Victorious Sona skin. While the exact requirements haven't been revealed yet, you can expect them to be similar to the ones for Victorious Kog'maw.

Riot Games has been releasing these special Victorious skins as a way to celebrate and reward players who have achieved the skin requirements during the ranked season. The skins themselves are unique and can't be obtained through any other means, making them highly coveted among League of Legends enthusiasts and collectors.

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With Split 1 coming to its end, now is the time to make that final push and secure your spot for the Victorious Kog'maw skin. By meeting the adjusted requirements of either 1000 Split Points (if below Gold) or 80 Split Points (if Gold or above), along with maintaining an Honor Level of at least 2, you'll be able to add this exclusive skin to your collection. And as Split 2 kicks off on May 15th, get ready to set your sights on the next Victorious reward – the highly anticipated Sona skin – which is expected to arrive around September.

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