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Safety comes first at smurfers, only the safest payment methods are available. Your credit card information is never saved without your permission and is processed using the most secure SSL technologies.

Instant delivery 24/7

Instant delivery 24/7

Purchased a League of legends Smurf account? You will get an email with the account credentials right away. At Smurfers, we use a fully automated delivery system to provide an instant delivery experience.

Lifetime Ban Warranty

Lifetime Ban Warranty

We provide an extended lifetime guarantee and instant replacement on all our LoL smurf accounts. If something happens to your League of Legends account or LoL Smurf, you'll receive a replacement instantly!

Email & Password Changeable

Email & Password Changeable

Once you receive your League of legends account, you will be able to change the email and password. That means the account is fully yours from the moment you make the purchase!

Buying an Account is Easy

We make the process of buying a LOL smurf account simple and straightforward. Here's how it works:

Choose your region, then select your package

There are various regions and packages. Choose the one that suits you best.

Choose your region, then select your package

Complete your payment

Once you've chosen your package, you can proceed to the payment page to make your payment.

Complete your payment

We will send your account details instantly to your email inbox

Our fully automated instant delivery system will have your LOL smurf account details delivered to your inbox instantly. You will also find the account information on the website after payment is completed.

We will send your account details instantly to your email inbox
Replacement feature

Instant Replacement bot!

Your account got banned? We've got you covered with our AI replacement bot

Every account comes with a lifetime warranty that allows you to get replacements instantly. If you need instructions on how to use this warranty please check our FAQ section below.

Do the Math

It takes the average League of legends player around 14-30 days to level up an account from ground up to level 30. With our service you can get your desired lol account in seconds!

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14-30 days

14-30 days

to level up till level 30 🧓, without taking rest days into account. Get the LoL account INSTANTLY with us!

195,219 +

195,219 +

Orders completed 🎉. Smurfers have never failed to fulfill an order. Your LoL smurf account will be delivered instantly after purchase.

99% Customer Satisfaction

99% Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction rate 💪! Our main goal in the business is to ensure that customers are happy with their LoL Smurf accounts.

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League of Legends Accounts FAQs

Have a quick question? It's most probably answered here.

Yes. It is completely safe and secure to buy a lol account. We use Stripe as our main payment processor to ensure safety and privacy of all of our customers. This means that all your payment details are processed by Stripe and are not accessible by us. There is no risk whatsoever in buying a League of Legends account from us.

All of our League of legends Accounts are created with unverified Emails. This means that you can change the Email and Password without needing the original Email the account was created with. In order to change your Email and/or Password, All you need to do is:
Login to
Click on "Your Username" -> "Settings" located in top right corner.
Change the Email address by clicking on the email address field. (You will see the old email address there, just click on it and it will work)
Email change
Change the password from the same page.

Our fully automated instant delivery system will have your League of Legends smurf account details delivered to your inbox instantly. No more waiting for your account!

We like to leave FULL power to our customers. Some customers like champion capsules, others like pure Blue Essence. Therefore we leave the champion capsules UNTOUCHED. If you want pure Blue Essence then just head to your loot and open all champion capsules, disenchant all the champion shards and use the mission tokens to buy champion shards and disenchant them as well. Who knows maybe you like a champion or two and decide not to disenchant those.

The loot estimate is using the actual value of the champion and not the disenchanted value, this is why we recommend using the champion shards instead of disenchanting.

Once you buy an account make sure to check your email for a "Your Order is complete" email. Open that email and the account info is inside. You will also find the account information on the website after payment completion.

Every League of Legends account comes with a lifetime warranty that allows you to get replacements. The warranty only applies to accounts banned for botting, bans for flamming and other types are NOT covered by the warranty.
You can get a replacement within seconds by following these steps: Join our discord server using this link or using the "Get Help" Button at the top of the page.
Open a ticket using the #support-ticket channel and by clicking on Envelope icon.
Follow the instructions provided by the Bot and you should get a replacement sent to your Email instantly.
We must have access to your banned account in order to replace it.

You CANNOT benefit from the warranty if you change the username used to login, however changing the ingame name is totally fine.

To ensure that all of our customers are satisfied, we sell lol smurf accounts in every region; EUW, EUNE, NA, TR, OCE, BR, LAN, and LAS - just choose your desired region and purchase your lol account.
Unlimited! You can buy as many lol accounts as you desire. We are continuously restocking our accounts inventory to make sure that we have more than enough accounts for our customers.