The Meaning of L9 in League of Legends
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The Meaning of L9 in League of Legends

So you have seen some people use the L9 tag in your games or even caught some people mentioning L9 in the game chat. L9 actually has a meaning and it is not some nonsense. The tag L9 is short for Low Nine. In this article, you are going to know everything about L9 including its history, members, and why was it made.

What is L9 in League of Legends?

If you are wondering what L9 means in LoL, L9 (or Low Nine) is a League of Legends group that was previously created by the infamous Obsess and RatIRL. The main purpose of the group was to spread two things: high-quality gameplay carried with toxicity. L9 members were known to be Elo Boosters, high elo players, and finally toxic.

L9 or Low Nine was one of the most famous League of Legends in the EU region but also it happened to be quite controversial. The group included some members such as Ap0calypse, RatIRL, Obsess, and Selfmade. Those were the main members of L9 - people then used the tag and the club became even more popular.


Do you know what is funny about this? Some L9 members now happen to be professional players, from a random toxic League of Legends club to a professional organization. However, we have to remember that this club was pretty old as it was made created in 2017 and some of these players were young so it is safe to say that they have matured now and the proof is that they play for professional teams.

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Selfmade - From L9 to Team Vitality

His nickname talks for himself, he is a self-made player. From just playing in a club that trolls, he is now playing for the infamous Vitality. He also played for Fnatic back in 2019 for two years. Not to mention that Selfmade got rank 1 on the EUW ladder in June 2020. Selfmade is known for his aggressive Jungle gameplay. He is extremely talented and deserves the place where he is now, we are sure that there is more to come to his League of Legends career.

RatIRL - From L9 to Streaming

Unlike Selfmade, RatIRL chose the streaming path and unsurprisingly he succeed. RatIRL's Twitch channel now has over 800k followers. RatIRL still has the L9 tag on his Twitch channel.


According to RatIRL's twitch bio, he doesn't want to work, become rich, wear designer clothes, and drive a G-Wagon. Even though he sarcastically wrote that, we believe that if he continues streaming he will become even more successful and possibly reach his dreams.

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Obsess - From L9 to Mouse Sports


Obsess decided to choose a professional career just like Selfmade, he joined teams such as Mouse Sports and Misfits. He also had a stunning 8-0 winning streak with Misfits which is incredible. Obsess also streams sometimes on Twitch. Obsess had made around $40k USD from his professional League of Legends career, which is impressive for someone who used to be toxic.

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Ap0calypse, a remarkable talent in the League of Legends community, has left an indelible mark through his extraordinary gameplay and controversial history. A prominent figure within the L9 group, he showcased his unparalleled skills by consistently securing first places on the EU West server ladder for over three consecutive months, a feat even more impressive considering his specialization in the support role, particularly excelling with Janna. However, the brilliance on the virtual battlefield stands in stark contrast to his troubling past actions.


We hoped that you enjoyed reading our article about the Low Nine (L9) group. Each player in the group has now improved mentally, personally, and professionally. They are no longer these toxic L9 players, but instead, they are either famous streamers or professional players. We have mentioned before that some of these players used to do Elo boosting, we are happy to inform you that Smurfers also provide Elo boosting services that you could make use of. Happy climbing!