LoL Ranked Upcoming Changes
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LoL Ranked Upcoming Changes

League of Legends is always evolving, and Riot Games loves to keep things fresh for players. With each new split, they try to add some changes to the game. As we approach the next split, which starts in just 7 days, Riot is introducing some exciting changes to the ranked system. The changes coming in the LoL Split 2, which is scheduled for May 15th, aim to make the ranked experience even better and more enjoyable for players of all skill levels. 


Division Shields Removal

One of the biggest changes coming to the ranked system in Split 2 is the removal of division shields. In the current system, there is a shield that prevents you from immediately dropping down to a lower division if you lose a game. For example, if you're Gold 2 with 10 LP and you lose a game where you would typically lose 25 LP, the division shield kicks in. Instead of being demoted to Gold 3, you stay in Gold 2 but with 0 LP.

However, in the upcoming split, these division shields are being removed. This means that if you're Gold 2 with 10 LP and you lose a game where you would lose 25 LP, you will be demoted straight down to Gold 3 with 85 LP.

The removal of division shields means that your rank will be more accurately reflecting your current skill level and performance. It will be easier to climb up the ranks if you have a good MMR, but you'll also have to be more careful about losing games when you're close to the bottom of a division.

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Rank Demotion Changes

Another significant change coming to the LoL ranked system is how rank demotions will work. Currently, if you get demoted from one rank to the next lower rank, you only lose 50 LP. However, in the upcoming split, the LP loss for rank demotions is increasing. Now, when you get demoted from one rank to the next lower rank, you'll lose 75 LP instead of just 50. For example, if you're currently Gold 4 with 0 LP and you lose a game, you'll be demoted straight down to Silver 1 with 25 LP.

This change means that rank demotions will have a bigger impact on your LP, making it more challenging to regain your previous rank. It's designed to ensure that players are truly ready to advance to the next rank before they're promoted.

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Placement System Changes

The placement system is also getting a significant overhaul in the upcoming split. Previously, the maximum rank you could achieve after finishing your placement matches was Emerald 1. This meant that even if you were a high-ranked player from the previous season, you would still have to grind your way up from Emerald 1 or lower. However, in the new split, Riot is increasing the maximum rank you can get after placements to Diamond 3. This change is designed to help players, especially those who were previously high-ranked, get back to their appropriate ranks faster.

With the ability to place as high as Diamond 3, skilled players won't have to spend as much time climbing through the lower ranks. This should create a more accurate and efficient distribution of players across the different ranks from the start of the new season.

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You Can Now Duo In Master!

Back in 2021, Riot made a change that prevented Master-tier players from queuing up for ranked games in a duo. This meant that once you reached the Master rank, you could no longer team up with a friend or duo partner for your ranked matches. However, in the upcoming split, Riot is reversing this change and reintroducing the ability for Master players to duo queue together. This exciting update will allow you to once again team up with your Master-ranked friend or duo partner and tackle the ranked ladder together.

It's important to note that this change only applies to the Master rank. If you or your duo partner reaches Grandmaster or Challenger, the highest ranks in the game, you will still be restricted to solo queue only. This change will be implemented in all regions except for Korea and China, where the solo queue restriction for Master players will remain in place due to regional preferences and competitive considerations.


The upcoming LoL ranked split promises to shake up the competitive experience for players. With the removal of division shields, increased LP loss for rank demotions, and higher placement rank caps, the system aims to create a more accurate reflection of skill levels. Additionally, the return of duo queuing for Master players adds an exciting dynamic for those seeking to team up with a trusted partner. These changes are sure to keep the ranked grind fresh and challenging, rewarding players who consistently perform at a high level. 

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