Is Vanguard Ruining League of Legends?
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Is Vanguard Ruining League of Legends?

League of Legends players are angry with Riot Games right now. The company just released its new anti-cheat system, Vanguard, on May 1st, a couple of days ago. Vanguard was supposed to stop cheaters and make the game fairer. However, many players are reporting big problems after installing Vanguard. The League of Legends client is crashing and giving out error codes. Some players can't even launch the game anymore! Vanguard was meant to improve the gaming experience, but it seems to be ruining League of Legends for a lot of people instead. 

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LoL Vanguard Error Codes

Players are really frustrated with the huge number of error codes they are getting after installing Vanguard. Some of the error codes are so new and obscure that there is no information about them online to find a fix. On top of that, if players reach out to Riot's support for help, it might take days before they get a response. Imagine having to wait days just to be able to play a few matches of League of Legends!

One of the most frustrating error codes is "You Need To Have Vanguard Running To Play." Many players have shared screenshots of being disconnected, kicked, or even banned from games because Vanguard suddenly stopped working mid-match. Other common error codes include Van:1067 and Van: -81 but there are dozens more plaguing players.

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Vanguard Windows 11 Issues

Another major factor adding to players' frustrations with LoL Vanguard is that it's not fully compatible with Windows 11 yet. Users on the latest Windows operating system are running into additional issues trying to get Vanguard working properly.

In order for Vanguard to install and run on Windows 11, players first have to enable certain system features like TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module). This extra step of having to go into system settings and turn on specific components is an annoyance many were not expecting.

Even after enabling the necessary features, some Windows 11 users still report Vanguard crashing or not launching at all. The lack of full Windows 11 optimization means a significant portion of the player base is essentially locked out of League of Legends until Riot can get Vanguard working seamlessly on the new OS.

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While Riot's intentions with Vanguard were good, the rocky rollout has left many League of Legends players feeling frustrated and unable to enjoy the game. Between constant error codes, lack of information, long wait times for support, and Windows 11 compatibility issues, it's clear Vanguard needs more work before it can live up to its promise. For now, the new anti-cheat system seems to be ruining the League experience for a significant portion of players. Riot will need to act quickly to address these problems and get Vanguard running smoothly.

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