Top 10 Educational League of Legends YouTubers
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Top 10 Educational League of Legends YouTubers

League of Legends might be challenging for both new and experienced players. Fortunately, there are educational LoL streamers who provide valuable insights to help viewers improve their gameplay. These streamers comment on their gameplay, explaining their decision-making process, and breaking down concepts and strategies in a beginner-friendly way. The best League educational streamers possess both in-depth knowledge of the game and the ability to present it clearly and concisely.

In this article, we'll be ranking the top 10 most informative and skilled League of Legends YouTubers. These YouTubers are suitable for players of all skill levels, from high-elo players with educational channels to former pros who explain high-level macro strategies. Let's begin!

10. Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides

Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides is an educational League of Legends YouTube channel dedicated to helping League of Legends players improve at the game. With over 800,000 subscribers, this channel uploads frequent videos aimed at players looking to climb the ranked ladder and enhance their skills.

The videos on Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides cover a wide variety of topics, including role-specific tutorials, wave management guides, macro strategies, champion guides, and more. The content is presented clearly with high-quality visuals to help explain key concepts. The channel creators break down high-elo concepts into easily digestible tips suitable for players of any skill level.

Overall, Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides is one of the best channels for any League player looking to improve. With constantly updated meta and patch-specific content, subscribers can gain valuable insights to help them on their climb.


9. PekinWoof

PekinWoof is a Challenger mid-lane main and League of Legends YouTuber, provides constant updates on the meta, high-elo tactics, and in-depth gameplay analysis to over 200,000 subscribers.

Renowned for his supreme mid-lane mechanics and deep game knowledge, PekinWoof explains his decision-making while climbing through Challenger matches. He covers wave management, optimal roams, and team fighting.

Through instructional videos, PekinWoof gives tips to improve laning and mid-game impact. He explores champion matchups, trading tactics, and transitioning leads around the map.

With stellar educational content and an upbeat personality, PekinWoof is one of the best mid-lane YouTubers for learning essential skills and game understanding as a mid-laner.

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8. Coach Curtis

Coming in at number 8 is Coach Curtis, a dedicated mid-lane League of Legends YouTuber with over 100,000 subscribers. Coach Curtis is known for his extremely high-quality educational videos aimed at helping mid laners refine their skills.

On his YouTube channel, Coach Curtis uploads a variety of content to help players improve including in-depth guide videos, gameplay commentaries, interview discussions, and reactions to high elo mid-lane plays. He carefully analyzes pro and solo queue mid-laners to break down optimal gameplay concepts from vision control to team fighting positioning.

With his deep game knowledge and ability to explain complicated mid-lane concepts clearly, Coach Curtis provides actionable tips players of all elos can implement. From wave management fundamentals to champion-specific mechanics, his top-notch production guides can help you step up your mid-lane game and reach the next level.


7. AloisNL

In 7th place, we have a top-lane educational YouTuber dedicated to helping players improve their skills - AloisNL. He has become one of the best resources on YouTube for learning top-lane fundamentals.

In his videos, AloisNL provides detailed commentaries explaining his thought process while smurfing in lower elos. He puts a strong emphasis on macro concepts like wave management, split pushing, teleport advantage, and 1v1 matchups. His guides are constantly updated with the latest meta picks for aspiring top mains.

AloisNL also reviews VODs submitted by subscribers, giving constructive feedback on their gameplay and suggestions to help them gain LP. With his contagiously positive attitude and wealth of game knowledge, AloisNL makes learning top lane not only educational but also entertaining.

For any player looking to expand their top-lane skills, you can't go wrong with this top-lane YouTuber.


6. Bizzleberry

Next we have - Bizzleberry, one of the most popular support main YouTubers. Bizzleberry is known for his informative yet laidback approach to educational League content.

As a Challenger support player, Bizzleberry creates guides analyzing warding, roaming, matchups, and other support fundamentals. However, his macro understanding extends beyond just the support role. Many of his commentaries focus on overall map movements, objective control, and shotcalling.

Beyond gameplay education, Bizzleberry provides a welcoming environment for all skill levels. His lighthearted personality and meme-filled edits make learning enjoyable. Bizzleberry also does viewer games and VOD reviews, giving back to fans.

For any players looking to improve their macro understanding and support play in a friendly atmosphere, Bizzleberry is one of the best educational League YouTubers around. His mix of high-level gameplay and chill personality make him entertaining to watch.

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5. Broxah

Next on our list, we have Broxah - a Challenger Jungler and former professional League of Legends player with years of competitive experience. Broxah is known for his aggressive and calculated playstyle, especially on his signature pick Lee Sin.

After competing professionally on teams like Fnatic and Team Liquid, Broxah now creates educational jungle content on YouTube and streams for Team Liquid. His videos provide commentary focused on improving jungle clears, ganking, objective control, and more.

With incredibly detailed explanations of his decision-making, Broxah helps players understand the macro side of jungling. His contagious positivity combined with his world-class jungling skills makes Broxah one of the best educational resources for aspiring junglers wanting to reach the next level.


4. Virkayu

Another jungle educational YouTuber, Virkayu. He is one of the most well-known educational jungling channels on YouTube. With over 200,000 subscribers, Virkayu has established himself as a top resource for improving jungle skills.

Virkayu uploads frequent jungle guide videos going in-depth on pathing, ganking routes, jungle matchups and more. His calm demeanor allows him to clearly explain high elo jungling concepts even for lower ranked players.

Beyond guides, Virkayu also provides replay analysis, jungle tier lists and gameplay commentaries as he climbs through high elo on various jungle champions. His deep knowledge comes from being a multi-season Challenger jungler.

For any aspiring jungler looking to pick up advanced tips and macro fundamentals, Virkayu is easily one of the best jungle focused League of Legends YouTubers to follow. His combination of educational insight and steady improvement provide a great resource for jungle mains.


3. RhokuTV

At number 3 is RhokuTV, a Challenger top laner creating educational League content for his subscribers. Rhoku focuses on helping players improve their top lane skills through frequent commentaries analyzing matchups, trading patterns and macro strategies. His videos showcase optimal wave management, split pushing guides and solo kill outplays.

In addition to his informative gameplay, Rhoku also posts highlight reels and montages flaunting his expert Riven mechanics. Fans can engage with him directly on Discord and Twitch to ask questions.

With a great blend of entertainment and high-elo top lane knowledge, RhokuTV is a premier resource for top mains seeking to reach the next level.


2. CookieLoL

At the second place, we have CookieLoL, an educational ADC main providing exceptional ADC content. As a Challenger bot laner, CookieLoL creates informative commentaries focused on improving ADC mechanics and macro play. He analyzes essential concepts like wave management, trading stance, positioning and matchup specific win conditions.

CookieLoL also dedicates videos to patch changes, build optimization and underrated ADC picks to help players adapt in the evolving meta. His cheery personality combined with eye-opening gameplay analysis make climbing as an ADC entertaining and educational.

With advanced tips tailored for aspiring marksmen, CookieLoL earns his spot as one of the most skilled and knowledgeable ADC content creators on YouTube. Watching his content can help take your bot lane skills to new heights.


1. ProGuides Challenger League of Legends Guides

Taking the top spot as the number one educational League of Legends YouTuber is ProGuides Challenger League of Legends Guides. With over 800,000 subscribers, ProGuides establishes itself as the premier destination for improvement content.

ProGuides features high elo coaches creating videos for all roles focusing on macro fundamentals, micro mechanics and meta analysis. Their structured courses and tier lists make learning league step-by-step simple for new players.

With new videos uploaded daily, ProGuides has unmatched content variety to help any level player enhance their ranked skills. For any player striving to unlock their potential and climb the ladder, ProGuides’ massive collection of educative content coupled with expert analysis make it the number one stop for next level League improvement.

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That concludes our list of the top 10 educational League of Legends YouTubers to follow in 2023. These talented creators provide advanced tips, lane guides, macro fundamentals and more for players aiming to improve their skills. Whatever your main role, you can find a YouTuber specializing in informative and entertaining content to help you climb the ranked ladder.

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