How tall is Tyler1?
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How tall is Tyler1?

The American Twitch Streamer Tyler1 is 5 feet 6 inches, 1.7 meters, or 170 centimeters.

Tyler1's height has been a meme for years. At TwitchCon 2018, he was photographed with Riot employee Mel Capperino-Garcia. Mel is 6 feet tall and wore heels in the photo, so she towered over Tyler1. This encouraged speculation that Tyler1 is much shorter than he claims.

Tyler1 has denied these claims, but he has also joked about his height on stream. He's even claimed to be 6'5" (which is clearly not true). The meme is still around and it remains a popular topic of discussion among Tyler1's fans.

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Who is Tyler1?

Tyler1 is a Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and former professional League of Legends player from the United States. He is well-known for his high-level gameplay and engaging personality. With over 5 million followers on Twitch, he is one of the most popular streamers. His YouTube channel has more than 2.5 million followers.

Tyler1 was banned from League of Legends for toxicity. However, he has since become one of Twitch's most popular streamers. He is well-known for his aggressive style of play and unfiltered commentary. Tyler1 is definitely a fun streamer to watch.


How tall is Tyler1?

Tyler1 is standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, 1.68 meters, or 168 centimeters. His height is average but he has an athletic body, as it is no secret that he works out and lifts heavy. He currently weighs around 86 kilograms (or 189 pounds).

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What is Tyler1's net worth?

Tyler1 started streaming League of Legends in 2013 - As of 2023, Tyler1's net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Most of his income comes from Twitch subscriptions, ad revenue, and sponsorships. He also has a popular YouTube channel and an online merch store.


What is Tyler1's real name? His real name is Tyler Steinkamp.

How old is Tyler1? Tyler1 was born on March 7, 1995. As of today, August 21, 2023, he is 28 years old.

What is Tyler1 known for? Tyler1 is known for being one of the most popular League of Legends streamers in the world. He is also known for his toxic behavior. However, he is not as toxic as he was now.

Is Tyler1 still part of T1? No, Tyler1 is no longer part of T1. He left the team in 2022.

What is Tyler1 doing now? Tyler1 is still streaming League of Legends on Twitch. He also has a YouTube channel with over 2.5 million subscribers.

Is Tyler1 toxic? Tyler1 has been known to be toxic in the past, but he has shown improvement in his behavior in recent years. He has also spoken out against toxicity in the League of Legends community.

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