Why Players Buy LoL Elo Boosting?
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Why Players Buy LoL Elo Boosting?

Before diving into our main topic idea we should begin by introducing the definition of Elo boosting, why is it necessary for some players, and how it helps them achieve their goals. The Elo boosting is based on the Elo system in League of Legends.

The Elo rating system is commonly used in various competitive games to match players of similar skill levels against each other.

What is LoL Elo Boosting?

Elo Boosting, also known as MMR (Matchmaking Rating) boosting, is a practice in online competitive gaming where a player hires or allows another skilled player to play on their account in order to increase their in-game ranking or Elo rating.

How to Hire an Elo Booster?

Hiring an Elo Booster may sound tricky to some players and they often ask themselves… How can I get in contact with high Elo players/boosters, there are many ways to find Elo Boosters and we have tackled this issue for you. To find Elo Boosters check out the next solutions:

  • Buy Elo Boosting from Smurfers.net - the fastest and safest Elo Boosting solution in the meantime. Smurfers.net is a reliable Elo Boosting and Account Selling company with over 2.000 reviews on Reviews.io.

  • Hire Elo Boosters from Fiverr. However, it may be inconvenient since there is no tailored customer support or someone to go back to in case of any problem arises (unlike Smurfers.net).

  • Find a high elo friend and ask him to help you achieve a higher rank or for possible tips to help you improve.

You might also ask the question: How does the boosting happen? Do I have to share my account? Yes, and no - it all depends on what you desire. LoL Elo Boosting can be done in two ways:

Solo Orders: The booster logs into the client's account and plays on it directly.

Duo Orders: The booster and client queue up for matches together, with the booster playing on the client's account.

However, we highly recommend going for the duo orders since it is more convenient as you get to play with the booster during the whole process... How? We provide our boosters with Smurf accounts that are similar to your rank so you both could get into a lobby and queue together!

Now to our main topic question…

Why Players Buy LoL Elo Boosting?

There are several reasons why players choose LoL Elo boosting services to improve their in-game ranking. Some of the most common reasons for purchasing Elo boosting are:

  • To reach a higher rank more quickly. Elo boosting allows players to climb in rank faster than they would typically be able to. This can be advantageous if they are attempting to qualify for tournaments or compete in ranked play.

  • To get better at the game. Elo boosting and coaching can teach players how to play the game at a higher level. This can assist them in improving their own skills and becoming better players.

  • To get the season rewards. Season rewards are available for League of Legends players who reach certain ranks. Elo boosting can assist players in reaching these ranks and receiving rewards.

  • To avoid the grind. Ranked play in League of Legends can be a long and frustrating grind. Elo boosting can allow players to skip the grind and get to a higher rank more quickly.

  • Impress their friends. Players feel that their friends will think more highly of them if they have a higher rank in League of Legends. Additionally, they may want to be able to compete with their friends at a higher level.


Ultimately, while Elo boosting can be a valuable tool for players seeking to achieve their goals in League of Legends, it is essential to strike a balance between boosting and personal skill development to truly excel in the game. Don’t forget, always approach Elo boosting with caution and use reputable platforms to ensure the safety and security of their gaming accounts.