How To Get Marks of Mastery in LoL (2024)
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How To Get Marks of Mastery in LoL (2024)

Riot Games, has recently released a new Mastery system to replace the old 7-level system that players have been using for years. Along with this update, they removed the Mastery tokens that players previously earned, and implemented a new system for leveling up your champion mastery. This new system requires players to earn "Marks of Mastery."

Marks of Mastery are a new currency and essential for increasing your champion's mastery level, which now goes beyond the previous cap of level 7. With this new system, players can showcase their true mastery over a champion by reaching higher mastery levels.

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How To Get Marks of Mastery

To earn Marks of Mastery, you need to achieve specific goals within each milestone. Completing these milestones will reward you with Marks of Mastery for your champion. For the first milestone, you need to earn one B- grade or higher and four C- grades or higher. Achieving this will grant you the initial Marks of Mastery for your champion.

The second milestone requires you to earn one A- grade or higher and four C- grades or higher. Completing this milestone will reward you with additional Marks of Mastery. The third milestone is more challenging, as it requires you to earn one S- grade or higher and four C- grades or higher. If you manage to achieve this, you will receive two Marks of Mastery as a reward.

Finally, the fourth milestone also rewards you with two Marks of Mastery, but the requirements are the same as the third milestone: one S- grade or higher and four C- grades or higher. These grades are based on your performance with the champion in matches. Earning higher grades means you played exceptionally well and contributed significantly to your team's success. 

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How To Level Up Your Champion Mastery

To level up your champion mastery, you need to meet certain requirements, which vary depending on the mastery level you're aiming for. The new Mastery level requirements break down like this:

  • Levels 1-4: You only need to accumulate a certain Mastery Score with your champion. No Marks of Mastery are required for these initial levels.

  • Levels 5-9: In addition to a higher Mastery Score, you'll need to spend 1 Mark of Mastery for each level. For example, to reach Level 5, you'll need the required Mastery Score and 1 Mark of Mastery. 

  • Level 10 and beyond: To reach these higher mastery levels, the requirements become more demanding. You'll need to spend 2 Marks of Mastery for each level, in addition to having the necessary Mastery Score.

The Mastery Score is a numerical value that represents your overall performance with a particular champion. It increases as you play more games and perform well with that champion. The better you play, the faster your Mastery Score will grow.

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The new Mastery system introduced by Riot Games provides players with an opportunity to truly showcase their mastery over their favorite champions. By earning Marks of Mastery through achieving specific milestones and maintaining a high Mastery Score, players can level up their champion's mastery beyond the previous cap of level 7.

While the requirements for earning Marks of Mastery and leveling up may seem challenging, they encourage players to consistently perform well and strive for excellence with their chosen champions. 

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