The Brand New LoL Champion Mastery System
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The Brand New LoL Champion Mastery System

Riot Games has just revealed an exciting new system for League of Legends players. The Champion Mastery system aims to reward players for their dedication to mastering specific champions. With this new system, you'll have an uncapped champion mastery level. The more you play that champion, the higher your Mastery Rank will climb. 

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Mastery Level Changes: Marks of Mastery, New Designs, and Uncapped Levels

The main goals of the new LoL Champion Mastery system are to make Mastery feel more satisfying long-term, better reflect dedicated gameplay, and allow players to showcase their skills during different metas. The biggest change is removing the level cap, so players can now continue leveling up a champion's Mastery indefinitely. However, simply grinding games won't be enough.

To level up, players will need two things: Mastery Score (from playing the champion) and new "Marks of Mastery" tokens. Marks of Mastery represent specific achievements and will be earned via a new reward track for each champion that resets every split. Initially, they'll be awarded for high-grade performances just like S-tokens currently.

The new Mastery level requirements break down like this:

  1. Levels 1-4: Just Mastery Score needed

  2. Levels 5-9: 1x Mark of Mastery per level, plus Score

  3. Level 10+: 2x Marks per level, plus Score

Players with tons of excess Mastery Score will get a one-time bonus of Marks when the system launches to bump them up to appropriate levels for their experience. Alongside unlimited levels, Riot is also introducing revamped Mastery crest designs, with new unique crests for levels 8-10 and an infinitely scaling crest for levels beyond 10.

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Split Mastery: Milestones, Titles, and More

The revamped mastery system introduces a "Split Mastery" progression component that resets each split. This adds shorter-term mastery goals beyond just infinite leveling. For each champion, there will be a 4-milestone reward track every split, where milestones require earning higher mastery grades like B, A, and S ranks. Completing these milestones grants Marks of Mastery for leveling, Hextech chests, and other rewards

After the 4 milestones, there's a repeatable bonus for overachievers. Finishing the final milestone unlocks that champion's title to use for the remainder of the split. Additionally, players will have a "Mastery Set" of recommended champions, and progressing the reward tracks for those champions contributes to earning set-based rewards like a super Hextech chest. The goals are meaningful split-by-split progression, more deliberate reward earning, and an overall increase in rewards compared to the old system - without encouraging exploitation.

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With the new uncapped mastery levels, revamped crest designs, and the introduction of Split Mastery seasonal progression, Riot Games is overhauling the League of Legends Champion Mastery system. The changes aim to create a more satisfying long-term experience that better recognizes player dedication and achievement. By adding infinite leveling, special per-split milestones, and bonus rewards, Mastery will now have more meaningful goals beyond just grinding games. 

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