Guide to Change Language in League of Legends
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Guide to Change Language in League of Legends

Are you looking to change the language in League of Legends? You came to the right article. Most players found it kind of problematic and they become confused when it comes to changing the language in League of Legends, and that’s why we are creating this topic - worry not, we are going to tackle this issue for you!

How to Change Language in League of Legends?

We have three methods for you to change the language in League of Legends. We have covered both clients Riot Client and Epic Games Client.

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Method One: (Riot Client)

To change the language in League of Legends, open the Riot Client home screen, click on the User button in the top right corner then select " Settings" from the left menu - Press on “League of Legends” on the left and then you’ll find "Game Text Language" click on that and then choose the desired language.


Important Note: To change your LoL language make sure to log out before applying the steps above.

If the first method didn’t work for you try the second method which is the most effective.

Method Two: (Riot Client)

The most effective way to change the language in League of Legends is:

  1. Sign out of League of Legends then close the client

  2. Go to the path C: > Riot Games > League of Legends

  3. Find the League Client and create a shortcut for it

  4. Find the config folder

  5. Find the file called "LeagueClientSettings.yaml" and open it with a Notepad

  6. Go to "locale:" and change the country code to the one you desire then save


List of Language Codes:

  • ja_JP: Japanese

  • ko_KR: Korean

  • zh_CN: Chinese

  • zh_TW: Taiwanese

  • es_ES: Spanish (Spain)

  • es_MX: Spanish (Mexico)

  • en_US: English (USA)

  • en_GB: English (Great Britain)

  • en_AU: English (Australia)

  • fr_FR: French

  • de_DE: German

  • it_IT: Italian

  • pl_PL: Polish

  • ro_RO: Romanian

  • el_GR: Greek

  • pt_BR: Portuguese

  • hu_HU: Hungarian

  • ru_RU: Russian

  • tr_TR: Turkish

  1. Go to the shortcut we created - right click and open the properties

  2. Find "Target" and add the following to the end of the text: --locale=es_KR (add the language/country code after –locale=)

  3. Apply then save.

  1. Open the shortcut

  2. Go to User in the top right corner then go to Settings

  3. Untick the "Start Up Behavior"option

  4. Tick "Exit Application" in the close window option

  5. Login into your account, and then you’ll find the LoL language changed

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Method Three: (Change Language in Epic Games client)

To change the language in the Epic Games Launcher client, begin by launching the client and signing in to your account. Next, locate your profile icon situated at the top right corner of the interface and click on it. This action will reveal a dropdown menu; from there, select "Settings." Towards the upper section of the settings menu, you'll come across an option dedicated to language settings. Give it a click, and a list of available languages will be presented. Simply choose the language you prefer from this list to apply the change across the launcher's interface.

League of Legends Languages

Luckily, League of Legends is available in many regions and also in many languages. League of Legends game languages are Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Green, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, and Turkish.

So no matter what language you speak, you will be able to play League of Legends and understand everything in your native language.

Does Changing LoL Language Improve Performance?

So let’s say that your main language is Russian, the question is if you change your LoL Language to Korean will you perform like Faker? Well, yes and no - we have to mention the Placebo Effect here, changing your language won’t help you perform better but it might give you better vibes and make you more motivated to win.

Changing the language settings might give you a slight psychological boost due to the placebo effect, but significant improvement in gameplay skills would still come from your actual practice, learning, and gameplay experience.

What is League of Legends Development Language?

Riot Games used C++ as one of the primary programming languages to develop the popular online multiplayer game, League of Legends. C++ helped them make League of Legends really well. It's like they had a super toolkit that let them build the game in a smart way. They made sure the game runs smoothly and looks great.

It’s safe to say that League of Legends become super popular. It's a game that people all around the world love to play. Riot Games really know their stuff when it comes to creating amazing games like League of Legends.

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Hopefully, we helped you change the language in League. It is not easy to change the language in LoL as in most of the other games, however, it is still possible with some extra steps that we’ve already explained.

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