LoL Skarner Rework is Here!
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LoL Skarner Rework is Here!

Skarner is finally getting his rework! Riot Games is finally updating this champion in Patch 14.7, which comes out on April 3rd.

Skarner hasn't had any major changes in a really long time. But now, Riot is giving him a full rework to make him more fun and exciting to play. Get ready to see a brand new Skarner when this patch arrives in just a few days!


Skarner Abilities

Skarner is getting brand new powers from top to bottom. His Q, W, E, and R are all being completely changed up. Riot is trying to make Skarner's gameplay more exciting and interactive. His reworked abilities will likely shake up how he clears the jungle and fights in team battles.

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Skarner Passive - Quaking

Skarner's new passive is called Quaking. When he uses his basic attacks or abilities like Shattered Earth, Upheaval, and Impale, he applies Quaking stacks to enemies.

If enemies get hit with enough Quaking stacks, they'll take a chunk of magic damage over time based on their maximum health. This gives Skarner a way to really punish tanks and bruisers who stack a lot of health


Skarner Q - Shattered Earth / Upheaval

Skarner's new Q is called Shattered Earth. He rips a boulder straight out of the ground, which empowers his next few basic attacks.

But he can also choose to throw the boulder as a powerful skillshot projectile! If the boulder hits an enemy, it deals heavy damage and slows them down. With this reworked Q, Skarner now has an extra way to poke opponents from range before going all-in.


Skarner W - Seismic Bastion

Skarner's new W is called Seismic Bastion. When activated, it gives him a protective shield to reduce incoming damage.

But that's not all - Seismic Bastion also creates a powerful earthquake! After a short delay, a shockwave erupts out from Skarner, damaging and slowing any enemies caught in its area of effect.


Skarner E - Ixtal’s Impact

Skarner's new E is a huge game-changer called Ixtal's Impact. He charges forward, allowing him to pass through walls and terrain!

If he manages to collide with an enemy champion or monster during this charge, Skarner can slam them backwards into the nearest wall. Hitting them into the wall deals a burst of damage and stuns them briefly.


Skarner R - Impale

Skarner's new ultimate is a game-changing crowd control called Impale. He lashes out with his massive crystalized tails to suppress up to 3 nearby enemy champions.

While they are suppressed, Skarner can move around freely while the helpless enemies are dragged behind him. This allows him to reposition them or separate them from their team.

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Skarner Reworked Skins

Along with his gameplay rework, Skarner is also getting a fresh new looks for his skins. The classic base Skarner model and visuals had been updated with unique animations.

But the real star is the incredible new Battlecast Alpha Skarner skin. This futuristic re-imagining depicts Skarner as a powerful war machine. The attention to detail is simply stunning.


Skarner Rework Release Date

After months of anticipation, the big Skarner rework is finally just days away. Riot Games will be releasing the updated crystal scorpion alongside Patch 14.7 on April 3rd.

That's right, in just a couple more days, the players will get their hands on the completely overhauled Skarner. His reworked kit, with new abilities, and the game-changing Impale ultimate, will change how he plays entirely.

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To sum up, the Skarner rework promises to breathe new life into the crystal vanguard. With his overhauled kit, updated visuals, and insane new ultimate Impale, Skarner is poised to shake up the jungle meta. Get ready to experience this iconic champion anew when Patch 14.7 drops on April 3rd. The age of the scorpion has begun!

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