Can You Get Banned For LoL Boosting?
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Can You Get Banned For LoL Boosting?

With over 100 million monthly players, it’s no surprise that there’s a vibrant community around boosting services that help players increase their rank and standing within the competitive scene. In this article, we’ll take a look at the risks and realities around LoL boosting bans.

Duo vs. Solo Boosting

First, it’s important to understand the difference between duo boosting and solo boosting services. Duo boosting involves a high elo player teaming up and playing alongside a lower ranked player to help increase their rank. This is akin to playing regularly with a highly skilled friend. Solo boosting, on the other hand, involves giving account access to a booster who then plays alone on that account to increase the rank.

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When it comes to duo boosting, the risk of getting banned is generally very low. Since you are still the one actively playing on your account, Riot has no way of detecting that you are receiving “boosting” assistance.

Solo boosting introduces more risk, as you are handing over your account credentials to an unknown third-party. However, the chances of getting banned purely for buying a boost are still quite low. Riot's priority is banning boosting services that illegally obtain and boost hundreds or thousands of accounts. Individual players buying the occasional boost are challenging to detect and ban accurately.

Is LoL Boosting Bannable?

If you are cautious enough, you won't get banned for LoL Boosting. It is crucial to only use established, reputable boosting companies that come well vetted and reviewed within the LoL community. Avoid shady websites or individuals offering incredibly cheap boosts, as these are often scams. Also be cautious about services that require excessive personal information or ask you to disable security measures like two-factor authentication. In general, buying a boost from a top reviewed company and taking common sense precautions around account security can minimize risks significantly when boosting your LoL account. Just be selective in who you trust to avoid potential account theft or banning.

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That said, there are some precautions players should take if solo boosting:

  • Vet your booster and choose a reputable company. Scammers can steal accounts.

  • Don't choose low prices over quality.

  • Take breaks between boosting sessions to let your rank settle.

Even though Boosting does violate Riot’s Terms of Service, the bans are fairly rare, and thousands of players boost each season without issue. The safest approach is duo boosting with a trusted player or buying a single, moderate rank increase from a reputable company.


While boosting is technically prohibited, the reality is that many LoL players utilize these services without consequence. Duo boosting with a skilled friend poses almost no risk, while occasional, moderate solo boosting from a trusted company is unlikely to result in a ban.

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As with most things, moderation is key – boosting your account across several tiers every season will often trigger anti-boosting detection. But a single division skip a season is generally safe. So if you want to gain a few ranks and don’t go overboard with it, you can likely enjoy the benefits of boosting without worry of losing your account. Just be smart about who you play with and which companies you use.

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