How To Get Key Fragments in League of Legends
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How To Get Key Fragments in League of Legends

Playing League of Legends can be really fun, but sometimes you might get stuck and not have enough Keys to open Chests. Key Fragments are special items that are turned into keys to let you unlock cool stuff like champions, skins, and other neat things

If you're having trouble getting more Key Fragments, don't worry! We will give you some easy tips and tricks to earn more Key Fragments so you can unlock all the awesome rewards you want. 

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What Are Key Fragments

Key Fragments are little pieces that you collect in League of Legends. They're kind of like puzzle pieces. On their own, Key Fragments don't do much. But if you gather three Key Fragments, you can put them together to make a full Key!

These Keys are really useful. You can use them to unlock special loot boxes like Hextech Chests or Masterwork Chests. Inside these chests, you might find cool skins for your favorite champions, special emotes, or other rewards.

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How To Earn Key Fragments

There are lots of different ways to get Key Fragments in League of Legends. One of the easiest methods is by receiving honors after your games. If you get enough honors over several games, you'll be rewarded with a Key Fragment!

Another way to earn Key Fragments is through special Event Passes. These are like tickets you can buy during big League of Legends events like Lunar Revel 2024 or High Noon. As you play games and earn Event Tokens, you can trade in 20 of those tokens for 1 Key Fragment. So Events are a nice chance to stock up.

You can also get Key Fragments from Honor Capsules. These are little gift boxes you receive every so often just for being an honorable player. Honor Capsules usually contain a good number of Key Fragments inside.

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To sum up, Getting more Key Fragments in League just takes some patience and regular play. Be a good teammate to earn honors, participate in events to trade tokens, and open those Honor Capsules. Before you know it, you'll have enough Fragments to craft Keys and unlock all kinds of awesome loot!

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