League of Legends Champion Guides and Tips
League of Legends

League of Legends

League of Legends Champion Guides and Tips

League of Legends is a MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. 2 teams seek to destroy the other's base in an intense real-time strategy (RTS) brawl. Players control and customize a single character and work with their teammates to accumulate resources and outplay foes.

Each match, players choose a character from the roster of champions and customize them with the resources they earn. Every match is a fresh start.

Who are Champions in League of Legends?

Champions are the characters in the game who the players control. Every champion comes with a different set of skills, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Champions begin each match at level 1 and grow in power with each level, up to a maximum of level 18.

The champions come with a basic attack function, but with time it can be improved. And there are both the passive attack capabilities and damage qualities through which they can make an impact.

Classes of Champions

Champions are categorized into different classes. Some champions share characteristics of multiple classes, while others are so unique, they don't fully belong in any class. An important aspect of a champion's classification is the primary type of damage they deal:

  • Physical damage is dealt with through all basic attacks and some abilities.

  • Magic damage is dealt with through most (but not all) abilities and can be added to basic attacks.

  • True damage is rare and comes from various sources. It cannot be mitigated, whereas physical and magical damage can.

Working of the Abilities

Cost: The amount of resources consumed per cast is known as cost. Champions have finite resource pools; if this pool is empty, abilities can't be used. Most champions use mana, but some use their health or rapidly-regenerating energy. Some have no resource, and therefore no costs.

Scaling: The way stats increase the power or ability. Scaling is specified by a ratio, which adds a portion of the relevant stat to the base value.

How can you control the abilities?

Auto-targeted: When it is used, it affects all those who are present in the area around the caster. You will require no aiming, just the positioning of your champion.

Aura: It is very much similar to an auto-targeted ability. You can have Auras affect units around the caster. Contrary to this, an aura is a persistent effect, usually a buff or debuff.

Targeted: It has point-and-click abilities that require that the cursor be hovering a visible, in-range target to be cast. Most of these cannot be dodged and will follow the target regardless of its movement.

Skillshot: It requires aiming using the cursor. These come in many shapes and sizes, such as linear projectiles, conic spreads, or circles. Skillshots can be missed or dodged--aim carefully!

Area-of-effect: It can affect multiple units in one cast.

Single-target: It can affect only one unit per cast.

Tips and Tricks of Champions

  • You have first to determine which of the basic ability of the champion is the most powerful one.

  • Increase that ability to the maximum so that you can use it anytime.

  • Moreover, rank all of your abilities to a higher extent.

  • Put a point in your ultimate ability whenever possible such as at levels 6 or 16.