How To Get Hextech Chests in LoL
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How To Get Hextech Chests in LoL

Hextech Chests are special loot boxes in League of Legends that contain cool rewards like skins, ward skins, emotes, and more. Players can earn these chests through various methods in the game. With so many different ways to get your hands on Hextech Chests, it can be confusing to know where to start. Don’t worry though, we will guide you through all the different methods for earning Hextech Chests in LoL.


Ranked Rewards

Ranked Rewards is the first and easiest way to earn Hextech Chests in LoL. With each new split, Riot Games adds new rewards that you can get by just playing ranked games. 

In the current split, you can get 2x Hextech Chests by earning certain Split points. The first milestone is 10 Split points, which will reward you with 1x Hextech Chest. The 11th milestone at 400 Split points also grants 1x Hextech Chest.

To earn Split points, it's simple:

1. +10 Split points for every win

2. +6 Split points for every loss

So by just playing ranked games, whether winning or losing, you'll make progress towards those Hextech Chest rewards. 

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Mastery Milestones

The mastery milestones are a bit tricky, but they pay off with tons of chests. With the new update to the Mastery System, you can earn up to two chests per champion. And now securing those chests is really simple.

Back then, you needed to get an S to earn a chest, and there were limits:

  1. Only one chest per champion per split

  2. Limited to four chests per month, meaning one chest a week

But those restrictions are gone. To get the Hextech chests, also known as "Mastery Chests" in the new update, you need to:

  1. Milestone One: Get 1x B- or higher grade, and 4x C- or higher grades

  2. Milestone Three: Get 1x S- or higher grade, and 4x C- or higher grades

For each of these milestones you reach with a champion, you'll earn 1x Hextech chest. So by focusing on getting good grades across multiple games with each champ, you can stack up the Mastery Chests. The new system makes it way more achievable to earn tons of loot!

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Skin Re-rolls & Opening Chests

You can earn Hextech chests by re-rolling your old skins, though the chance is small. Additionally, by opening normal Hextech Chests, there is a 10% chance of getting another chest & key. When you re-roll three unwanted skin shards, you get a new random skin permanent. Occasionally, along with getting a new skin, you'll be lucky enough to receive a Hextech Chest as a bonus reward!

As for opening Hextech Chests themselves, each time you crack one open, you have a 10% probability of earning yet another Hextech Chest alongside the key needed to unlock it. So not only do the chests contain cool loot, but opening them can lead to even more chest rewards.

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In-game Store

If you're willing to spend a bit of money, you can purchase Hextech Chests directly from the in-game store. This method requires buying Riot Points (RP), the game's currency. In the store, you'll find options to get 1x Hextech Chest for 125 RP. There's also a bundle available that includes 1x Hextech Chest plus 1x Key to open it for 195 RP.

While buying chests outright is the most straightforward way to get them, it does come at a cost. You'll need to purchase RP using real money first. The RP pricing varies based on how much you buy at once.


There are plenty of ways for League of Legends players to earn those Hextech Chests. From simply playing ranked games to mastering champions and even spending some cash, the options are plentiful. So get out there, grind those games, and watch as your collection of skins, emotes, and loot grows with each chest you unlock!

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