5 Best Supports for Draven in League of Legends
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5 Best Supports for Draven in League of Legends

Welcome to the league of Draven! Playing Draven in League of Legends can be tough. He needs a good support to help him get kills and stay alive. The right support champion can make or break your Draven games. Taric, Fiddlesticks, Vel’Koz, Skarner, and Blitzcrank are the best supports for Draven in Patch 14.8. These champions have abilities that work well with Draven's playstyle. They can help you catch enemies, deal damage, and protect Draven.


Taric, The Shield of Valoran

Taric is the perfect shield for Draven's aggressive playstyle. His abilities give Draven the protection and CC needed to go all-in without fear. Taric's Dazzle (E) is a game-changer. He readies a beam of starlight that, after a delay, stuns enemies and deals magic damage. This lets Draven line up his axes and burst down targets before they can react.

But Taric's real trump card is Cosmic Radiance (R). After a delay, it makes nearby allied champions invulnerable for a short time. Draven can recklessly dive in, knowing Taric will make him untouchable at the crucial moment. Together, this duo has a whopping 53.8% win rate! Taric's stuns, invulnerability, and tankiness allow the Glorious Executioner to dominate fights. Just watch for Taric's ability delays - good timing is key to crushing your opponents. 

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Fiddlesticks, The Ancient Fear

Fiddlesticks may seem like an odd pick for Draven, but their combo is nightmarishly effective. Fiddle's fear and silence abilities give Draven free reign to demolish enemies. With Terrify (Q), Fiddle can spook an isolated target, causing them to flee in terror. This tees them up perfectly for Draven's deadly catching axes and burst damage. The haunting chain CC is devastating.

Bountiful Harvest (W) drains enemy health over time, softening them up. But more crucially, it executes low health foes - confirming kills that a slippery opponent may have escaped from Draven. Reap (E) is the real terror. Fiddle slashes an area, slowing all enemies hit. But those caught center take bonus damage and are silenced - unable to react as Draven rains axes upon them. This freakish duo boasts a 53.6% win rate! Fiddle's disruption and damage amplifies Draven's executioner power. 


Vel’Koz, The Eye of the Void

Vel'Koz may seem like an unusual support for Draven, but this alien duo packs a massive punch. Vel'Koz's long-range poke and true damage output pair perfectly with Draven's catch combos. Plasma Fission (Q) allows Vel'Koz to slow and chunk enemies from afar with splitting plasma bolts. This softens them up for Draven's all-in engages. The slows also make it easier for Draven's axes to connect.

Tectonic Disruption (E) is a devastating area-control tool. Vel'Koz knocks up grouped enemies, leaving them suspended for Draven's axes. Anyone too close gets knocked towards the Glorious Executioner's loving embrace. But Vel'Koz's true power is Life Form Disintegration Ray (R). This beam dishes out massive magic damage - and against champions, it coverts to true damage. This shreds through tanks and squishies alike as Draven rains down axes.

This cosmic combo has a stellar 53.3% win rate! Vel'Koz's zoning, CC, and true damage enable Draven's resets and snowballing. Just be wary of Vel'Koz's short-range - proper positioning is key.

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Skarner, The Primordial Sovereign

Skarner is the perfect setup man for Draven's devastating damage. His impaling grapples and lockdowns allow the Glorious Executioner to recklessly dive in without fear. Ixtal's Impact (E) is a game-changer. Skarner charges forward, crashing through terrain. If he collides with a champion, he slams them into the next wall - stunning and damaging them. This leaves enemies completely vulnerable to Draven's spinning axes.

But Skarner's real bread-and-butter is Impale (R). His massive tails lash out, suppressing enemy champions. Once grabbed, victims are dragged around by Skarner's movements - a perfectly giftwrapped target for Draven's resets.  Together, this prehistoric pair rock a 53.1% win rate! Some may balk at this off-meta duo, but when the dust settles, all that remains are piles of axes and dragged corpses.


Blitzcrank, The Great Steam Golem

Every Draven player dreams of the perfect setup - and Blitzcrank delivers it on a steel platter. This robotic golem's hook and crowd control enable free-firing windows for the Glorious Executioner. Rocket Grab (Q) is Blitz's signature move. He fires out his massive fist to grab the first enemy it hits, dragging them straight to Draven. This engages with Draven ready to delete the helpless victim.

Once hooked, Power Fist (E) allows Blitz to charge up a double-damage punch that knocks targets into the air. As they hang suspended, Draven has a window to bombard them with an uninterrupted axe spinning. If needed, Static Field (R) gives Blitz more tools to lock down stragglers. Hit enemies are marked, taking lightning damage and having their shields removed after a delay. This softens them for Draven's axes. This mechanized duo boasts a solid 52.3% win rate. Blitz's CC chain practically spoon-feeds kills to Draven. 

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No matter your playstyle, these five supports enable Draven to truly shine. Whether it's Taric's invulnerability, Fiddlesticks' fear chain, Vel'Koz's true damage poke, Skarner's inescapable lockdown, or Blitzcrank's signature hook - each one sets up the Glorious Executioner for pentakill glory. So lock in Draven and your support of choice to start stacking those bodies in the bot lane!

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