How To Bunny Hop in Counter-Strike 2?

Counter-Strike 2

How To Bunny Hop in Counter-Strike 2?

When Counter-Strike 2 was released, some players were upset that bunny hopping seemed to have been removed or severely limited compared to CS:GO. However, bunny hopping is still possible in CS 2 - it's just more difficult to pull off successfully. Valve did not completely remove the ability to bunny hop, but they did make changes to the game's physics and mechanics that make bunny hops harder to chain together for sustained speed gains.

To perform a bunny hop in CS 2, start by moving forward and pressing the jump button to do your initial hop. While airborne, tap the left or right movement keys (A or D) and move your mouse in the same direction to change the horizontal direction you will hop. Time the next jump just as you are about to land - pressing jump again right before touching the ground will allow you to quickly chain together another hop seamlessly.

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Why Should You Bunny Hop in CS 2?

Bunny hopping can help you move faster around the map and rotate between sites quicker. By chaining together bunny hops, you can get to a bombsite or chokepoint much faster than normal running. This allows you to swiftly support your teammates when needed. The mobility bunny hopping provides is extremely valuable for quickly rotating as a team in competitive matches.

Combining bunny hopping with the AWP sniper rifle can also be very effective. Since the AWP reduces your movement speed when equipped, being able to bunny hop maintains speed and makes you a difficult target while moving with the AWP. Skilled AWPers who can bunny hop can reposition for angles aggressively while remaining elusive.

Executing slick bunny hops also lets you show off your mechanical skill and mastery of the game's physics as bunny hops demonstrate great timing and movement control. Pulling off impressive bunny hop sequences highlights your expertise with CS 2's mechanics.

In addition, some players can get frustrated when an opponent is able to speed around the map quickly with bunny hops. Tilting the enemy team through demoralizing bunny hopping can provide a psychological edge.

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Easiest Way To Bunny Hop in CS 2

Bunny hopping isn't as hard as you might think it is, if you just follow the next steps you can easily bunny hop in and own your opponents, let's get into it!

  1. Start moving forward and press jump to do your first hop

  2. While in the air, tap A or D and move your mouse left or right to shift direction

  3. Right before you land, press jump again to quickly connect the next hop

  4. Keep repeating - use A/D and mouse in the air to steer, and time your jumps perfectly

  5. Get the hang of tapping A/D and moving your mouse to line up each hop

  6. Jump again right before hitting the ground every time

Doing bunny hops smoothly and rhythmically, one after another, will allow you to build up speed and maintain that velocity. As you get more practice bunny hopping, you'll be able to execute many rapid hops in succession flawlessly. This will enable you to cover long distances across the map very quickly by continually bunny hopping.

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The key is to connect each bunny hop seamlessly into the next one, not missing a beat in between hops. With regular practice, you'll develop the timing and coordination to string many fast bunny hops together to swiftly traverse the entire map through your nonstop hopping.

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