How to Show FPS in CS 2?

Counter-Strike 2

How to Show FPS in CS 2?

Many players are excited about Counter-Strike 2 and want to see their frames per second (FPS) while playing. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players could use the "net_graph" command to show FPS. But that doesn't work in CS2 anymore. Don't worry, there is still a way to see your FPS in CS2.

To show your FPS in CS 2, simply open up the console and type in the command "cl_showfps 1". To turn this feature off, use "0" instead of "1".

How To See Your FPS in CS 2?

Even though we already explained how to see your FPS in Counter-Strike 2, let's go over it again in more detail. Follow these steps to view your FPS:

  1. Open CS 2

  2. Go to Settings Menu

  3. Select Game Section

  4. Enable Developer Console

  5. Open the Console and enter the command: "cl_showfps 1"

In case you want to see the net graph in CS 2, open the developer console and enter the command "cq_netgraph 1" - then you'll be able to see more information regarding your ping, packet loss, etc.

Benefits of Showing FPS in CS 2

Seeing your frames per second (FPS) as you play Counter-Strike 2 can be very useful. It allows you to monitor your game's performance and optimize your settings. There are several advantages to displaying your FPS:

Having the FPS counter enabled gives you key insights into your CS2 gameplay experience. You can use the information to tweak graphics options, upgrade components, analyze maps, and keep your game running smoothly. In an FPS like CS2, high and stable framerates are important, so being able to view this metric directly is very beneficial.


This was our guide about making your FPS visible in CS 2. The steps are quite simple and easy. If you are experiencing lower FPS in CS 2 compared to your FPS in CS:GO then that's pretty normal, as CS 2 is heavier than CS:GO in terms of graphics, make sure to check out our guide on CS 2 System Requirements.

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