Best Valorant Tips You Can Find


Best Valorant Tips You Can Find

Valorant is a highly competitive 5v5 tactical shooter game that requires quick reflexes, precision aiming, and strategic teamwork. With a complex economy system, unique agent abilities, and gunplay that rewards pinpoint accuracy, there is a steep learning curve for new players. However, with the right tips and techniques, you can quickly improve your skills and start dominating matches.

In this comprehensive guide, we provide the top Valorant tips and strategies for beginners and veterans alike, covering everything from agent selection to crosshair placement. Follow these tips and you'll be acing clutch rounds and ranking up the ladders in no time.

Pick Agents to Complement Your Team

One of the most important things in Valorant is assembling a well-balanced team composition. When picking your agent, consider what abilities your teammates have chosen and select an agent that complements them. For example, if your team lacks smoke abilities, choosing Omen or Brimstone provides essential smoke cover to help you move onto sites. If your team needs information gathering, pick Cypher or Sova for their reconnaissance abilities. Think about the strengths and weaknesses of your agent lineup and fill any gaps. Having a diverse range of abilities at your disposal gives your team more strategic options.

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Master Gun Recoil Patterns

Valorant’s gunplay is precise and unforgiving. Each weapon has a unique spray pattern when firing full auto. Learn a gun’s recoil pattern by firing at a wall and counteracting the upwards motion. For example, the Vandal kicks upwards and slightly to the right when spraying, so you need to pull down and slightly left. Practicing spray control in The Range helps you internalize these patterns. Keep your crosshair aimed at head-level, burst fire, and you’ll win more duels. Recoil control is a fundamental FPS skill that separates average and great players. Master it and you’ll gain a major edge.

Play Off Your Teammates

Valorant requires tactical team play. Avoid going for flashy solo plays and heroic 1v5 clutches. Instead, move together with your team, trade kills, and coordinate ability usage for executes onto bomb sites. For example, when entry fragging, have a teammate use blinding abilities like Phoenix’s curveball so you can move onto the site for free kills. When retaking, stagger your entry timings with teammates so you can trade refrags if the enemy kills one of you. Support each other with abilities and play off teammates to gain numerical advantages that win rounds.


Develop Map Knowledge

Learn maps like the back of your hand. Study common defender setups, flank routes, callouts, and ability lineups for both attack and defense. Knowing maps in-depth allows you to outmaneuver opponents, identify enemy locations based on audio cues, and get early picks by catching enemies off guard. For example, on Bind, Omen can smoke and teleport into B long to catch defenders looking the other way. Take time to explore maps in custom games and watch high-level streams to absorb as much map knowledge as possible. Map awareness is critical for gaining an edge.

Use Your Abilities at the Right Times

Every ability has an ideal time and place. Don't just randomly use them when they come off cooldown. On attack, use smokes and flashes to help entry onto sites. Save important cooldowns when playing retakes or post-plant situations. On defense, use Sage's Barrier Orb to block a rush or stall for rotations. Communicate with your team and combine abilities for optimal impact. Finally, don't invest too many expensive abilities in eco/bonus rounds - they're better spent in full buy rounds where their impact is multiplied. Ability discipline and cooldown coordination will make you a far stronger player.


Keep Your Crosshair Placed Properly

Having proper crosshair placement nets you free kills. Keep your crosshair at head-level at all times, and aimed where enemies will appear as you move around the map. Avoid staring at the ground or a corner when holding an angle. This lets you react and kill foes instantly instead of needing time to flick onto them. When entering a new area, pre-aim angles where snipers or defenders may hold. Sweeping rooms by slicing the pie? Clear angles one-by-one with your crosshair placed at head-level already. Good crosshair placement requires discipline but will dramatically improve your performance.

Use Sound Cues to Your Advantage

Audio is critical in Valorant. Use stereo headphones and listen for enemy footsteps, reloads, jumps, and abilities. Pay attention to audio cues to determine enemy positions and predict where they will move next. For example, if you hear Phoenix throw down a molly on A short on Haven, he's likely pushing in. When moving as a team, spread out and have different players listen to different parts of the map. Give quick, precise callouts on enemy locations. Listening closely lets you track the enemy team and gain an edge in maneuvering.

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Economize to Maintain Advantages

Valorant’s economy system is integral to success. After losing rounds, don’t overspend on rifles - stick to spectres, bulldogs, or light shields to save money. When ahead, keep buying to prevent the enemy from catching up in economy. Learn when to force buy after losing pistol rounds. Coordinate eco and buy rounds with your team to maximize the amount of full buys. Having a stronger economy means you’ll have access to better guns and more abilities compared to the opposing team, so keep tabs on your money.

Improve Your Reaction Speed

Cultivating fast reactions will make you a strong duelist. Work on tracking aim by practicing flicks in KovaaK's or Aim Lab. Do visual training drills to improve hand-eye coordination. Stay alert and engaged during games, avoiding auto-pilot. Warm up your reflexes before competitive matches with practice range drills. While reaction speed has genetic components, you can still improve it with focused training over time. Having snappy reflexes and aim means getting frags before the enemy can even react.

Review Your Games and Learn From Mistakes

No one plays perfectly. Watch replays of your matches to spot weaknesses in your gameplay. Note down areas for improvement. Are you overpeeking and giving up early deaths? Failing to check corners leading to avoidable deaths? Not coordinating abilities properly with teammates? Regularly reviewing your VODs prevents developing bad gameplay habits and limits mistakes you commonly make. Be honest about your weaknesses and fix them. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from better players. Self-analysis will accelerate your improvement.

Find Your Optimal Mouse Sensitivity

There is no universal best sensitivity - it depends on your playstyle. As a general rule, lower sensitivities allow more precise aiming while higher sensitivities permit faster flicks and checking more angles. Try sensitivities between 200 to 400 eDPI (DPI * in-game sens) to start. Adjust in small increments of 0.1 from there. Give each setting a few days before changing again. The goal is finding what feels comfortable for you. It takes time. Don't obsess over copying pro players' settings. Your optimal sensitivity will let you hit shots precisely while still checking angles quickly.

Position Yourself in Smart Spots

Work on your positioning and crosshair placement. Don't take 50/50 aim duels - only fight enemies when you have an advantage. Hold off-angles that break expectations and catch opponents off guard. Find unexpected lurking positions that let you catch rotated enemies from behind. On defense, play close to your utility to capitalize on it. When entering sites, clear corners and check spots before moving in the open. Avoid standing in open areas for too long. Proper positioning minimizes your exposure while increasing your opportunities for impact frags.

Stick to Just a Few Agents

Having a shallow agent pool is better than a wide but shallow one. Pick just 2-3 agents to really learn inside and out. You’ll gain mastery of their abilities, matchups, and playstyles. This lets you contribute more to your team instead of instalocking a different agent each game. For example, dedicate time to learning Viper’s unconventional setups and lineups. Focusing on a few agents also helps you learn their guns better due to repetition. Don't fill just because your team asks - play your best agents. Over time, broaden your pool after hitting mastery.

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Valorant is a profoundly tactical FPS that rewards smart play and teamwork as much as aim. Implement these tips during your practice and matches, and you will notice steady improvement in your performance. Focus on improving one or two skills at a time until they become second nature before moving on. Remain positive in your mentality, review your mistakes, and keep practicing. With dedicated time and effort, you will climb ranks and become an impact player for your team. Now you're armed with the best Valorant tips - it’s time to jump into the field and put them to work. Good luck!

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