Is Faker Single or Taken? (2023)
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Is Faker Single or Taken? (2023)

Faker (whose real name is Lee Sang-hyeok) is a professional League of Legends player from South Korea. He is known for his phenomenal performance in League of Legends - he is by far the best mid-laner in the field. Faker currently plays for the team T1. Apart from his professional career, we are going to dive into his personal life.

Some people wonder if Faker is currently dating and often wonder about Faker’s girlfriend. So the question is, does Faker have a girlfriend? No, Faker does not have a girlfriend at the very moment. He stated that in someone interviews that he has been involved in.

Faker & eSports

Faker is acknowledged as the greatest player of all time. He has become known for his amazing mechanics, ability for clutch playmaking, and command over mid-lane assassins. Faker has won 10 League of Legends Champions Korea championships, two Mid-Season Invitationals, and three World Championships.

He is considered one of the most prominent eSports athletes in the world, his success inspired lots of people to play the game and compete. Faker’s skills and exciting gameplay made him a role model for players all over the world, millions of people watch him compete at a high level every day and therefore that led to the continuous growth of his audience and the eSports scene in general.

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How did Faker get into LoL?

Faker began playing League of Legends in 2011 while still a high school student. He was introduced to the game by his friends, and he quickly became obsessed. He would jump into playing the game during his free time, and he started climbing up the Korean solo queue ladder. His dedication and skill were evident as he rapidly progressed through the game's challenges.

We don’t think League of Legends eSports scene would become the same way it is now if Faker did not play the game, but luckily, he did.

Faker’s Girlfriend

As we previously mentioned, Faker currently doesn’t have a girlfriend and he is focusing more on his professional career. However, we believe if Faker dates someone in the future he would rather keep it a secret as he is very closed about his private life.

Most professional players like to date girl gamers as well, and it is possible that Faker would date a girl from his work field as well.

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Pro Players & Their Girlfriends

There are lots of professional gamers and streamers who are currently dating, such as:

  • Doublelift is currently dating Leena Xu

  • Shroud is currently dating Bnans

  • Rookie is currently dating Xiao Yu

  • Doinb is currently dating Umi

  • TenZ is currently dating Kyedae

  • NiKo is currently dating Sara Stojanovic

  • FalleN is currently dating Letícia Lorena

Those are some of the most famous relationships in the eSports scene, from League of Legends, Valorant, and CS:GO. However, there are far more players who are dating but like to keep their personal life private.

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Finals Words

We hope that you enjoyed reading our article about Faker’s Girlfriend. Having a girlfriend while you are a pro player kind of gives you a boost - while some other players think that having a girlfriend will take so much time and won’t make you able to focus on yourself and your career. It’s all up to how the person feels and how much commitment he is able to give.

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