5 Best Supports for Aphelios in League of Legends
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5 Best Supports for Aphelios in League of Legends

Aphelios is a powerful ADC in League of Legends, but he can be hard to play well. One key to mastering Aphelios is finding the right support champion to team up with. The best support will protect Aphelios, help him deal damage, and make sure he can use all his unique weapons effectively.


Zac, The Secret Weapon

Zac is considered the best support with Aphelios thanks to his engaging tools and durability. His stretching Q allows him to easily grab enemies and knock them into Aphelios' damage zones. This sets up Aphelios' chakram weapon to dish out massive sustained damage.

Zac's E gives him great mobility to reposition in fights and get onto high-priority targets for Aphelios to focus down with his barrage of weapons. Zac's ultimate lets him disrupt Aphelios counters, knocking up multiple enemies so Aphelios can safely attack from the backline. The slows also make it easier for Aphelios' skill shots to land.

This mix of engage, damage, tankiness, and disengage is perfect for enabling the high-risk, high-reward Aphelios playstyle, resulting in their impressive 54.8% win rate together.

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Taric, The Shield of Valoran

Taric is the second-best support for Aphelios with a strong 53.7% win rate due to his mix of defense, sustain, and CC that pairs perfectly with Aphelios' playstyle.

Taric's passive Bravado empowers his basic attacks to deal extra magic damage. This helps Taric chunk enemies during Aphelios' weapon combos for extra burst. His Q Starlight's Touch provides much-needed healing to keep the backline Aphelios healthy through trades and skirmishes. The charges stored from Bravado help keep this healing coming.

The AOE stun on Taric's E Dazzle is a game-changing crowd control tool. It allows Aphelios to freely attack groups of enemies who are locked down.

Finally, Taric's ultimate Cosmic Radiance makes Aphelios briefly invulnerable. This removes the risk of Aphelios counters focusing him, allowing him to deal damage freely during the invulnerability window.


Annie, The Dark Child

Annie is the third-best support for Aphelios with a 53.5% win rate, providing great zone control, burst damage, and lockdown potential.

Annie's passive Pyromania gives her a big power spike after casting four spells by stunning the next target. This allows her to lock down enemies so the immobile Aphelios can safely dish out damage.

Her Q Disintegrate is a long-range ability that chunks enemies from safety while poking for Mana refunds. This helps whittle foes down for Aphelios' executes. The conic AoE on Annie's W Incinerate gives her great wave clear to set up Aphelios' turret pushes and objective control. It also provides AOE damage in skirmishes.

Her ultimate Summon: Tibbers is one of the biggest threats to immobile ADCs. Annie can aim it directly at Aphelios' high-priority targets for massive bursts and zoning power.

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Renata Glasc, The Chem-Baroness

Renata Glasc is one of the best supports for Aphelios with a 53.0% win rate thanks to her mix of utility, crowd control, and safety tools:

Renata's passive Leverage gives her extra damage against enemies she marks with basic attacks. This synergizes with Aphelios' constant auto-attacking during weapon cycles. Her Q Handshake is a long-range root that lets Renata lock down high-priority targets for Aphelios to focus on. The recast also provides displacement to reposition enemies.

Finally, Renata's ultimate Hostile Takeover sends enemies into an uncontrollable rage, forcing them to attack their allies. This creates big zone control that protects the fragile Aphelios.


Braum, The Heart of the Freljord

Braum rounds out the list as the 5th best support for Aphelios. Here's why he synergizes so well with the Weapon Master:

Braum's passive Concussive Blows allows him and Aphelios to stack up a stun through basic attacks. This hard CC lets Aphelios freely attack locked-down targets.

Braum's W Stand Behind Me gives him great reposition potential to get onto high-threat targets that Aphelios needs to focus on. The resistance steroids also make both of them harder to kill.

His E Unbreakable is one of the best protective abilities in the game. Braum can completely negate incoming damage and CC aimed at the fragile Aphelios. Finally, Braum's ultimate Glacial Fissure is a huge AoE knock-up and slow zone. This sets up Aphelios to demolish entire enemy teams while they are disrupted.

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While Aphelios has a high skill ceiling, teaming up with the right support can unlock his full potential. Whether you prefer the engaging power of Zac, the protection of Taric, Annie's burst damage, Renata's utility, or Braum's peeling abilities, these five champions provide the perfect tools to enable Aphelios' diverse playstyle. Master these powerful duos, and you'll be well on your way to dominating the bot lane and carrying your team to victory.

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