Best Jungle Champions in League of Legends (2023)
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Best Jungle Champions in League of Legends (2023)

League of Legends has various roles, and one of the most influential is that of the Junglers. These clever strategists wield their power within the jungle, shaping battles and making crucial decisions. From fierce assassins to sturdy tanks, each Jungler brings unique strengths to the game, enabling diverse strategies.

In this guide, we'll explore the best Junglers in League of Legends who have proven their worth in the current state of the game. Their abilities range from devastating damage to game-changing utility, empowering you to become a formidable force on the Summoner's Rift. Let's embark on a journey of the best Junglers in League of Legends!



Diana is a champion known for her good burst damage, making her a formidable force on the battlefield. While she may not be considered among the top burst mages, her ability to catch stragglers and finish off enemies with ease is impressive.

Landing her Q consistently is a key factor in mastering Diana's potential, and if you achieve this 70% of the time or more, you can consider yourself skilled with her. Additionally, she boasts one of the strongest level 6 power spikes in the game, allowing her to make a significant impact in team fights early on.

The versatility of Diana's builds is another aspect worth noting. Players can opt for an off-tank build with attack speed or focus on a more burst-oriented approach. In the jungle, Diana exhibits great sustain with her W ability, and when combined with a bit of attack speed from her passive, she can clear camps efficiently.

For those with exceptionally low pings, there is an opportunity to perform a flashy combo by using her R followed by a split-second Q to reset her ultimate, although this maneuver may not be reliable and is not necessary to succeed with her.

Here are some helpful tips for playing Diana:

  • Utilize your Q ability to poke enemies and create opportunities for kills.

  • Capitalize on team fights by using your R to engage and surprise opponents.

  • Stay cautious of overextending, as Diana is quite squishy and vulnerable.

  • Optimize your build with items that enhance your burst damage potential.

  • Practice your combos to ensure quick and efficient execution in battles.

Finally, Diana has the advantage of surprising her opponents with a flash R-mid dash W-E combo, which can lead to unexpected kills, catching foes off guard. Overall, Diana's playstyle revolves around capitalizing on her burst potential and making calculated decisions in fights to secure victory.



Vi is a fantastic champion for several reasons. First and foremost, she is fairly simple to pick up and play, making her accessible to a wide range of players. With her passive W, players are primarily using only two skills most of the time, making her mechanics easy to manage. Additionally, her Q ability, Vault Breaker, is her only skill shot, but it has a fairly short range, making it easier to hit targets compared to longer-range skill shots.

Here are some helpful tips for playing Vi:

  • Use your Q to gap close and initiate fights.

  • Use your W to proc your passive and deal bonus damage.

  • Use your E to chase down enemies or escape from danger.

  • Your ultimate can be used to lock down a target or to start a team fight.

  • Be careful not to overextend, as Vi is a melee champion.

Overall, Vi's simplicity, flexibility, and ability to adapt to different situations contribute to her status as a solid and powerful champion in League of Legends.

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Hecarim, the Shadow of War, currently stands as a formidable force in League of Legends. Although he may not be the most mechanically demanding champion, mastering his abilities does require some practice.

Players can optimize Hecarim's jungle clear and ganking potential by learning a few simple tricks, such as maintaining his 3 stacks for maximum efficiency or utilizing his Q while his E ability is active to deal additional damage.

However, it's important to note that jungling success with Hecarim relies more on macro play and game knowledge rather than intricate mechanics. Understanding map control, objective prioritization, and effective pathing are essential skills that elevate Hecarim players to excel on the Summoner's Rift.

Here are some helpful tips for playing Hecarim:

  • Don't be the first to engage; go for flanks and hit-and-run tactics.

  • Save E for after proccing Phase Rush for extra damage and mobility.

  • Hold back until all three Q stacks are available before committing to fights.

  • Allow fights to develop to increase Hecarim's damage output.

  • Consider Hecarim as a counterengage and flanking champion.

With the right combination of practice, strategy, and game awareness, Hecarim can become a force to be reckoned with, charging through the battlefield with unmatched power and dominance.



Viego is an exceptional champion, but mastering him requires investing time in understanding his damage, survivability ranges, and angles, as well as learning about other champions in the game.

His passive allows for impactful plays, but the true brilliance lies in recognizing and executing a chain of events during fights. Identifying opportunities like eliminating a key threat, such as Blitzcrank, to gain advantage in teamfights can be game-changing. Whether it's pulling their fed Kog'maw into your team or assassinating priority targets, Viego's versatility offers multiple ways to secure victory.

Here are some helpful tips for playing Viego:

  • Maximize damage with Q passive and autoattacks.

  • Master hitting W skill shots.

  • Be mindful of Q's surprising range for CSing.

  • Use W as a dash to disengage.

  • Avoid immediately using E during roams.

However, be prepared to face challenges and experience losses as you navigate the complexities of his passive and adapt to the macro requirements of the Jungle role. Though not mechanically complex, Viego demands a deeper understanding of the game and comes with a satisfying learning curve that will ultimately reward skilled players.


Nunu & Willump

Nunu & Willump's strength lies in their ability to be slow-immune, which is a valuable advantage in certain matchups. This unique feature prevents champions like Seraphine from landing her stun, as her E ability stuns targets that are rooted and roots those that are slowed.

However, Nunu's immunity to slow effects disrupts this chain of events, making it impossible for Seraphine to go through the slow, root, and stun sequence with her Rylai's + E + E combo. By being immune to slows, Nunu & Willump can neutralize crowd control effects and maintain control over teamfights, enhancing their survivability and impact in battles.

Here are some helpful tips for playing Nunu & Wilump:

  • Save Ult for when enemies use CC or when you need the shield.

  • Build tank items for better effectiveness; hybrid and full AP are suboptimal.

  • Use 2nd skill, then follow up with 3rd for longer duration (cancel if they can dash/flash).

  • Consider Deadmans Plate for easier ganks, followed by Sunfire.

  • Bait enemies by using 1st ability when low to heal or escape; use 2nd ability for escape or root if they chase.

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Why should you play as a Jungler in League of Legends?

There are numerous compelling reasons why diving into the jungle role in League of Legends can be an incredibly gratifying choice:

  • Jungling offers a dynamic and engaging experience, avoiding the repetitive nature of last-hitting in lanes and providing opportunities for strategic map control.

  • Being a Jungler rewards players for reading the map, using psychology to predict enemy movements, and making informed decisions, adding depth to gameplay.

  • Engaging in skirmishes with the enemy Jungler adds excitement and challenge, creating thrilling moments that test your skill and decision-making.

  • As a Jungler, you have the power to influence the game's outcome by controlling objectives, setting up ganks, and providing support to your team.

  • Jungle champions offer diverse playstyles, allowing players to find a style that suits their preferences, making the role appealing to a wide range of players


In conclusion, the best Jungler champions in League of Legends for 2023 exhibit impressive power, versatility, and unique playstyles. Mastering these champions can lead to impactful performances on the Summoner's Rift and give players a strategic edge in battles. Take the time to learn and explore their abilities, and you'll find yourself well-equipped to face the challenges and victories that await in the jungle.

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