All League of Legends Summoner Spells Changes
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All League of Legends Summoner Spells Changes

The Summoner Spells are special abilities that all players can use during a match. They provide various effects and can greatly impact the course of a game. In the latest patch (14.10) for League of Legends, Riot Games made some changes to the Summoner Spells. These changes were released alongside the start of Split 2 in the competitive season. Some of the Summoner Spells received improvements, while others were weakened.



Ghost received a Nerf in this patch. Riot acknowledged that Ghost is considered one of the extremely powerful LoL Summoner Spells, affecting combat significantly and being picked almost universally by ADCs. It also made top lane fighter vs fighter matchups less impactful.

To address this, Riot increased Ghost's cooldown from 210 seconds to 240 seconds, making it less readily available. Additionally, they reduced the duration of Ghost's effect from 15 seconds to 10 seconds, preventing it from dominating team fights for an extended period.

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Riot Games has made some adjustments to the Cleanse summoner spell in this patch. While Cleanse can be a powerful tool against certain champions with crowd control abilities, it was not considered overpowered in the current state of the game.

However, Riot has increased the cooldown of Cleanse from 210 seconds to 240 seconds. This longer cooldown means that players will need to be more strategic in their usage of Cleanse, as it will not be available as frequently. To compensate for the increased cooldown, Riot has also buffed the Tenacity effect provided by Cleanse. Tenacity has been increased from 65% for 3 seconds to 75% for 3 seconds.



While Exhaust is intended to remain roughly as powerful as before, its cooldown has been increased from 210 seconds to 240 seconds. This longer cooldown aligns Exhaust with other high-impact summoner spells, requiring players to be more judicious in their use of this powerful ability.

To compensate for the increased cooldown, Riot has buffed the slow effect applied by Exhaust. The slow strength has been increased from 30% to 40%, making it more effective at locking down and impairing the movement of enemy champions.

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The duration of Barrier's shield has been increased from 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds. This additional half-second provides a more forgiving window for players to utilize the shield effectively, ensuring that it can reliably block a substantial amount of incoming damage.

Furthermore, the strength of Barrier's shield has been increased by 15%. The shield value now ranges from 120 to 480, compared to the previous values of 105 to 411. This boost in shield strength should make Barrier a more competitive option among other summoner spells.

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Previously, the range of Heal was measured from the champion's edge, which meant that the effective range could be slightly shorter depending on the size and positioning of the target champion. In this update, Riot has changed the way Heal's range is calculated. Instead of measuring the range to the edge of the champion, Heal's range is now measured from the center of the target champion's model. This change increases the effective range of Heal from 826 units to 900 units when targeting allied champions.


With these adjustments to the LoL Summoner Spells, Riot Games aims to strike a balance between their power levels and promote strategic decision-making. While some spells like Ghost and Cleanse received cooldown increases, others like Barrier and Exhaust received compensatory buffs to maintain their viability. The changes to Heal's range also serve as a quality-of-life improvement. Overall, these updates seek to keep the gameplay fresh, exciting, and well-balanced as players adapt to the new dynamics of the Summoner Spells.

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