5 Best Supports for Nilah in League of Legends
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5 Best Supports for Nilah in League of Legends

Nilah is receiving a buff in her base stats in the upcoming patch 14.12. With this power increase, it's the perfect time to explore the best support champions that can synergize with her to dominate the next meta. Here are the top 5 supports to pair with Nilah:

  1. Zac

  2. Poppy  

  3. Swain

  4. Senna

  5. Seraphine

These supports' kits match well with Nilah, allowing her to maximize her damage output and overall playstyle. Let’s get into why these champions are considered the best supports for Nilah.


Zac, the Secret Weapon

Zac proves to be the best support for Nilah, with their current win rate, of 62.96%, which is considered very high. This duo thrives due to Zac's abilities that perfectly empower Nilah's playstyle. Stretching Strikes, Zac's Q ability, allows him to stretch an arm and grab enemies, followed by slamming them together, creating prime opportunities for Nilah to unleash devastating damage. 

His Elastic Slingshot, the E ability, enables Zac to launch himself into the fray, setting up engagements and enabling Nilah to capitalize on her burst potential. Zac's ultimate, Let's Bounce!, bounces multiple times and knocks up enemies, providing crucial crowd control that can lock down targets for Nilah to unleash her full fury. With Zac's innate ability to disrupt enemy positioning and set up kills, Nilah can capitalize on these openings, stacking her Joy and delivering massive damage output. 

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Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer

Poppy secures another spot to be a strong support option for Nilah, with their solid 55.26% win rate in the bot lane. They find success through Poppy's abilities that seamlessly complement Nilah's playstyle. Steadfast Presence, Poppy's W ability, not only grants her passive defensive stats but also allows her to activate it, granting movement speed and stopping enemy dashes around her, slowing and grounding them if a dash is interrupted.

This crowd control synergizes excellently with Nilah. Keeper's Verdict, Poppy's ultimate, channels a hammer strike that knocks enemies a considerable distance away, creating prime opportunities for Nilah to engage and decimate foes. With Poppy's ability to disrupt enemy positioning and provide reliable crowd control, they are forced to be reckoned with in the upcoming meta.

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Swain, the Noxian Grand General

Swain brings a unique dynamic to the duo with Nilah, showcasing a 55.00% win rate in the bot lane. Swain's abilities perfectly complement Nilah's aggressive playstyle. His Nevermove ability (E) launches a wave of demonic power that roots enemies, allowing Swain to pull them closer, setting up prime targets for Nilah. Additionally, Swain's passive, Ravenous Flock, collects Soul Fragments that heal him and increase his maximum health, providing sustain and durability for the duo. 

Demonic Ascension, Swain's ultimate, transforms him into a demon, draining health from nearby enemies and allowing him to cast Demonflare, a nova of soulfire that decimates and slows foes. This synergy enables Nilah to move freely around targets while Swain's sustained damage and healing keep them in the fight, creating a deadly combination that can overwhelm opponents.


Senna, the Redeemer

Senna brings a potent long-range threat to the duo, with a 54.30% win rate alongside Nilah. Her kit excels in harassment and utility. Last Embrace (W) sends forth a wave of Black Mist that roots enemies and everything nearby after a brief delay, setting up easy targets for Nilah to engage. Senna's passive, Absolution, allows her to absorb souls of fallen units, fueling her Relic Cannon's power with increased attack damage, range, and critical strike chance. 

Her empowered attacks deal bonus damage and grant her a portion of her target's movement speed, enabling her to kite and harass effectively while Nilah closes the gap. Dawning Shadow (R), Senna's ultimate, fires a global beam that shields allies while damaging enemies caught in the center, providing invaluable protection and damage during team fights. 

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Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress

Seraphine rounds out our best support champions for Nilah’s list, providing everything she needs to truly shine. With a 53.95% win rate, this duo excels through Seraphine's well-rounded kit. Surround Sound (W) allows Seraphine to shield and hasten nearby allies, or even heal them if she's already shielded, ensuring Nilah stays protected and mobile during engagements. 

Beat Drop (E) deals damage and impairs the movement of enemies in a line. Encore (R), Seraphine's ultimate, deals damage and charms enemies hit, refreshing its range with every allied or enemy champion struck, providing crucial crowd control that keeps foes locked down for Nilah to unleash her full fury. With Seraphine's ability to shield, enhance movement, and deliver reliable crowd control, Nilah has everything she needs to dominate the opposition.


As Nilah receives a powerful buff in the upcoming patch 14.12, it's the perfect time to explore synergistic support options that can take her to new heights. Whether it's the disruption and crowd control of Zac, Poppy's tankiness and reliable lockdown, Swain's sustain and damage, Senna's long-range harassment, or Seraphine's comprehensive utility, these champions provide the perfect foundation for Nilah to thrive.

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