Will Mr Beast Buy an LCS Team? He answered
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Will Mr Beast Buy an LCS Team? He answered

Mr. Beast's love for League of Legends is no secret. The popular YouTuber and philanthropist has frequently talked about his passion for the competitive multiplayer game on social media and in videos over the years. With over 180 million subscribers, MrBeast has built an empire creating viral content, but League seems to be one of his true joys outside of work.

Given his dedicated fandom and deep pockets, rumors have swirled for years about Mr. Beast potentially buying an LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) franchise spot. He has openly discussed it on Twitter and during live streams. Many fans are wondering if Mr. Beast will finally make his dream a reality and buy a League of Legends pro team.

Will Mr. Beast Acquire an LCS Team?

The answer is very likely, we are expecting the new Mr. Beast LoL Team very soon. During a recent appearance on the analyst desk for Worlds 2022, Mr. Beast was directly asked if he planned to purchase an LCS franchise spot. With a sly smile, he responded "Oh Gosh, well, yeah... one hundred percent." he also stated that he would love to have a team that makes it to a stage like the Worlds 2022 stage.

That proves that Mr. Beast is very serious about acquiring an LCS team. Mr. Beast has done lots of crazy things, such as re-doing Squid Game in Real Life, so we don't think that buying a team in League of Legends is a hard thing for him, considering that fact that he is one of the wealthiest YouTubers out there!

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Mr. Beast Thoughts About LoL

Mr. Beast has been tweeting a lot about League of Legends lately which proves how much love he has for this game. League of Legends is of course a popular game, but a YouTuber like Mr. Beast talking about the game is definitely a boost for the game itself.

On 28 October 2020 - Mr.Beast tweeted "League of Legends is honestly the best game ever created." He was also tweeting such things like "Anyone want to play league of legends? None of my friends like it" or "I need some people to play League of Legends with. I always play alone lol" - which shows that he is actively playing League of Legends, even though he's playing solo, he is still grinding.

Mr. Beast's Rank and Role in LoL

Mr. Beast's average rank in League of Legends is Gold/Silver and his favorite role is Support. It is actually quite impressive reaching this rank considering the little time he has to play the game. Given Mr. Beast's massive popularity on YouTube and his constant work filming video projects and managing his channels, it's safe to assume he doesn't have as much free time to grind solo queue games as many other League players.

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While he may not have time to intensely study matchups or coordinate with a set team, Mr. Beast clearly grasps the core skills needed to outplay opponents and make an impact even in disorganized solo queue environments. His impressive rank proves he has great mechanics and game sense for League that likely comes naturally. Balancing his YouTube career with higher-than-average League skills is commendable and shows Mr. Beast's versatility.

Mr. Beast in LoL Tournament

Mr. Beast's appearance in the League of Legends tournament Ultimate Crown created quite a buzz in the esports scene. The event, organized in 2022 by Crown Channel, featured teams led by famous YouTubers MrBeast and Ninja competing for a $150,000 prize pool. With elite production value provided by Crown Channel, the tournament showcased top-tier gameplay between two star-studded squads.


Mr. Beast captained a team of gaming influencers and pros aiming to claim bragging rights over Ninja's squad. The tournament was formatted as a best-of-three series to determine which YouTube powerhouse would emerge victorious.

After intense matches between the rivals, MrBeast's team clutched the series 2-0 to seal the Ultimate Crown Championship. MrBeast's dominance in the hyped influencer competition demonstrated his skills in League of Legends. His victory against Ninja proved his squad's competitive abilities in one of 2022's most anticipated gaming tournaments.

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Mr. Beast clearly loves playing League of Legends. He has talked about wanting to own an LCS team one day. He also plays a lot himself and has reached an impressive Gold/Silver rank. Mr. Beast recently won a big tournament against other famous YouTubers like Ninja. This shows he has skills in League. His team beat Ninja's team 2-0. Even with his busy YouTube job, Mr. Beast makes time for League.

At the end of the day, he seems very good at the game even though he can't play all the time. Mr. Beast gets excited about League on social media too. He wants to keep playing and maybe own a pro team someday. His passion for League of Legends shines through in many ways.

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