Best ADC Champions in League of Legends for Patch 13.17
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Best ADC Champions in League of Legends for Patch 13.17

Mastering the AD carry role in League of Legends requires a combination of skill, precision, and strategic positioning. As ADCs, players focus on building attack damage, critical strike chance, and attack speed to deal strong and sustained damage. Although ADCs are often fragile, skilled players can carry their team in team fights by dealing massive amounts of damage. With over 150 champions to choose from, there are several powerful options for the ADC role.

However, some ADCs consistently rise to the top in the ever-changing League of Legends meta . This article will count down the current top 5 ADC champions in LoL for Patch 13.17.

The best ADC champions in League of Legends (patch 13.17) are:

  1. Miss Fortune

  2. Ezreal

  3. Kai’Sa

  4. Karthus

  5. Ashe


Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune has risen as one of the top ADC picks thanks to recent buffs and her potent team fight presence. Her ability to rapidly stack her passive Love Tap makes trading in lane oppressive. Miss Fortune excels at bursting down opponents with her Double Up and Make It Rain abilities.

But what truly makes her S-tier is her massive AOE damage potential with Bullet Time. In team fights, Miss Fortune can channel Bullet Time to shred entire teams with waves of bullets.

With a simple straightforward kit, Miss Fortune provides reliable damage and strong utility through superior AOE teamfighting potential. Her scaling throughout the game and self-sufficiency make Miss Fortune a formidable ADC choice for carrying solo queue games.

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Ezreal has maintained his popularity as an effective ADC pick for several seasons due to his slippery playstyle and potent poke damage. His Mystic Shot enables him to safely farm from a distance while simultaneously harassing enemies in lane.

Additionally, Ezreal's Essence Flux provides attack speed buffs to himself and allies, while also reducing enemy attack speeds upon impact, which complements his kiting potential exceptionally well. Furthermore, his Arcane Shift offers an easily executed blink ability that allows him to dodge abilities and reposition himself during team fights.

However, the true power spike of Ezreal's kit lies in his ultimate ability, Trueshot Barrage, which fires a long-range skill shot across the entire map, providing global pressure and enabling Ezreal to snipe weakened enemies from afar.

With a focus on mobility and poke damage, Ezreal excels at harassing during the lane phase and outputting reliable magic damage in skirmishes and team fights. His safety and scaling into the late game make him a consistently strong ADC pick.



Kai'Sa is a very powerful ADC champion as her unique hybrid build path and evolving abilities enable her to adapt to various team compositions and matchups. Kai'Sa's abilities allow her to swiftly dive onto priority targets and inflict rapid burst damage.

Her passive, Second Skin, provides her with additional attack speed and shields based on bonus Attack Damage (AD) and Ability Power (AP) from items. This allows Kai'Sa to build flexibly depending on the state of the game. Upon upgrading her abilities through her passive evolution, Kai'Sa gains increased range, invisibility, Area of Effect (AoE) missiles, and more.

Her ultimate, Killer Instinct, provides a dash that enables Kai'Sa to enter and exit team fights with ease. The combination of rapid burst, high mobility, and evolved abilities gives Kai'Sa immense outplay potential and late-game carry power. For these reasons, Kai'Sa remains a dominant and versatile ADC pick.



Although not a conventional ADC, Karthus has emerged as a remarkably potent bot lane carry pick. Typically played in the mid-lane, Karthus capitalizes on his global ultimate Requiem and exceptional late-game scaling to overpower opponents.

As an ADC, Karthus synergizes with aggressive support champions and employs Lay Waste to safely farm from a distance. Given Karthus' lack of mobility, precise positioning in team fights is crucial to maximize his damage output. However, once Karthus reaches his late-game power spikes, he becomes nearly invincible. The combination of constant global pressure from Requiem and immense damage output from Defile obliterates enemies, even when Karthus is dead.

Furthermore, Karthus effortlessly shreds objectives such as Baron and Dragon. Despite being unorthodox, Karthus' hyper-carry damage potential renders him a lethal ADC that should not be underestimated. His unique playstyle offers a refreshing bot lane experience that is perfect for catching opponents off guard.

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With potent poke, engage potential, and utility, Ashe remains a dominant pick in the ADC role. Her Frost Shot allows her to harass opponents in the lane as well as slow targets from a distance. Ashe excels at initiating fights with her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, which stuns the first enemy struck from long range.

This allows her team to collapse and demolish grouped-up targets. In prolonged fights, Ashe's Ranger's Focus allows her to dish out high sustained damage through temporarily increased attack speed. With her global engage potential, vision from Hawkshot, and reliable CC from her arrow and frost shots, Ashe can fit into nearly any team composition.

These well-rounded strengths coupled with a simple-to-grasp kit make Ashe a recommended ADC pick for new players. Though lacking in mobility, proper positioning allows veterans to leverage Ashe's control and damage to take over games.

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To sum it up, the top ADC champions in League of Legends for patch 13.17 are Miss Fortune, Ezreal, Kai’Sa, Karthus, and Ashe. There are many ADC champions in League but those are the most prominent champions. Try them out and find out what suits your gameplay the most.

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