LoL Hall of Legends: Everything to Know
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LoL Hall of Legends: Everything to Know

The LoL Hall of Legends is a super cool yearly event. It honors the best pro players from all over the world who are amazing at playing League. These players have shown they can keep going no matter what and have crazy skills that inspire millions of fans worldwide. This year's Hall of Legends will feature the legendary Faker and will have awesome rewards for fans! If you love League of Legends esports, you won't want to miss the Hall of Legends.

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Hall of Legends Event Pass

This Event Pass is different from the usual passes like the Empyrean Pass 2024 for instance. It has 100 levels instead of just 50, so you can earn way more awesome rewards! However, the pass will cost a bit more at 1950 RP instead of 1650 RP. By getting this pass, you can earn the brand new Risen Legend LeBlanc skin. You'll also get the classic SKT T1 skins for Zed, Ryze, and Syndra. Plus, there's 125 Mythic Essence to unlock even more skins you've been eyeing. 

You’ll also earn:

  1. 14 new icons and emotes

  2. The “Unkillable Demon King” banner

  3. "Broccoli Baron" title

  4. "Hide on Bush" ward skin

  5. 6 Event Orbs

  6. And lots more awesome rewards!

And that's just the start - there are tons more sweet rewards waiting to be claimed! This makes the Hall of Legends Event Pass the most important event of the year. With so many cool rewards to grind for, some people find it “overpriced”.

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Hall of Legends Ahri Bundles

For Ahri fans, there are some super special bundles to celebrate her inclusion in the Risen Legend collection. The normal Ahri Risen Legend bundle is priced at 5430 RP. It includes the base Ahri skin, all the normal pass contents, the champion Ahri, an exclusive border, icon and emote, plus a cool Takedown Counter taunt.

But the real showstopper is the Immortalized Legend Ahri bundle at 32,430 RP. This has the incredible Immortalized Legend Ahri skin with exclusive structure and champ finisher VFX. It also comes with a custom visual announcer and unique 3 Demon King form transformations with special voice lines. When you ult, you even get the Demon's Chosen transformation with a Demon King HUD! This packed bundle also includes the full Risen Legend collection, a holographic splash art, a dynamic profile background, an Immortalized border, and another exclusive icon and emote.

For the ultimate Ahri experience, grab the Signature Immortalized Legend bundle at just 59,260 RP. This adds Faker's signature moves like his structure finisher that you can use with a hotkey. You'll get the "Final Boss Faker" title, a signature Immortalized border and banner, plus a dual signature splash art of Ahri and LeBlanc. It also unlocks the full Immortalized Legend and 100 pass levels, Paragon chromas for skins like Risen LeBlanc, and yet another unique icon and emote!

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Hall of Legends Event Date

The huge Hall of Legends event for 2024 kicks off on June 12th at 11 am Pacific Time. This epic celebration of League's legendary pros and cool rewards will run for nearly a month, ending on July 8th at 11:59 pm Pacific Time. So you'll have plenty of time to earn all the awesome loot from the 100-level Event Pass and special Ahri bundles. 


The LoL Hall of Legends event is shaping up to be the biggest celebration of the year for LoL esports fans. With the legendary Faker being honored and an incredible 100-level Event Pass packed with skins, chromas, and exclusive rewards, there's something for everyone. The special Ahri bundles are also a must-have for fans, offering ultra-premium skins and effects. While some of the bundles come with a hefty price tag, the sheer volume of content on offer makes this an unmissable event. 

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