How Big is League of Legends’ Size?
League of Legends

League of Legends

How Big is League of Legends’ Size?

As every other game created online (or offline), it contains game files, data, etc. These files or data are what make your game run on your computer or any other gaming platform. It takes time to get your game downloaded on your computer, which depends on two factors - the League of Legends Download Size and your internet speed. In this article, we’ll briefly post you regarding LoL’s Size in 2023.

When was League of Legends Released?

According to Wikipedia, League of Legends was initially released on Windows on October 27, 2009, then later on March 1, 2013,, it was also released on MAC OS.

What’s League of Legends Download Size in 2023?

Some players wonder how big League is or what is its download size… The current download size for League of Legends is approximately 9 to 10 GB, which increases to 22 gigabytes after installation.

The recommended storage for installing League of Legends on your PC and MAC OS is 16 GB. However, we recommend having a storage capacity of 20 GB as the game is getting updates very often.

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League of Legends PC System Requirements

Can your PC run League of Legends? Users usually ask this question… To get your game running on your PC on playable frames, your PC should have the following hardware requirements or better.

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League of Legends MAC OS System Requirements

Not a PC user? We got you, here are the MAC OS System Requirements that you need to run League of Legends on MAC OS.

League of Legends Playerbase 2023

At the time of writing this, there are currently 1,333,603 users playing League of Legends! Big game, isn’t it? In July 2023, a whopping number of 153,109,020 users played and still playing League of Legends.

Our data comes from an awesome website called Active Players - we recommend giving them a visit as you will find some interesting information there.

How to Download League of Legends?

Downloading League of Legends on your PC or MAC OS is probably one of the easiest tasks you can ever do. Create a League of Legends account and then it will redirect you to the download page, or just use our shortcut and download the game instantly from the League of Legends page.

If you’re a MAC OS user, use this link to download League of Legends on your Macbook.

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We hope that you increased your knowledge with our LoL Download Size 2023 article. League of Legends is indeed an interesting game with lots of interesting facts to know. What’s also interesting is Smurf accounts service, instead of creating an account and playing till level 30 you can just purchase one of our ready-to-ranked accounts and enjoy playing ranked. Happy Climbing!