Is League Of Legends Better Than DOTA?
League of Legends

League of Legends

Is League Of Legends Better Than DOTA?

A Multiplayer action niche is one of the popular categories of video games. There are hundreds and thousands of action games available in the market that you can enjoy with your buddies. When it comes to the turn of the best action games, LOL and DOTA come in the top portion. No doubt, both games are full of features that keep a player engaged.

Both action games have a large number of active users, but most of the audience prefer League of the Legends. What do you think about why it is? Is the league of legends better than DOTA? Well, the answer is yes, League of Legends has some extra features or characteristics in it that makes it better as compared to the DOTA. Do you really want to know those features? Then you must be reading this article till the end.

Champions of LOL are better than DOTA?

The characters play a vital role in enhancing the quality of the game. If we talk with respect to the league of legends, it has exceptionally designed champions as compared to the DOTA game characters. Even the League of Legends has more champions than DOTA. A large number of people go for the League of Legends because they love to play with its characters.

Character Customization

Many people wish to create or design a champion by their own style, but this method is only available in LOL. There is an extensive collection of skins in LOL, and they seem more visible in the game as compared to the DOTA.

Even you can also customize the skins or the style of the champion by using a variety of options in the LOL, but DOTA lacks this feature. Well, you will also find a good collection of skins in DOTA, but they are not much visible during the gameplay. We think this feature makes League of Legends far away better than DOTA.

The difficulty level of the Gameplay

It is very clear that DOTA is much more challenging to attempt than LOL. Many elements in DOTA require a deep understanding to be used. Even DOTA has a quite difficult interface that mostly makes the newbies confused regarding the gameplay.

Coming to the LOL, you will not need to understand anything deeply. You can start your League of Legends journey without taking help from someone.

Short and Easy Matches

In DOTA, you have to play the whole match while knowing that you are going to be loose. Even knowing about your defeat, you cannot quit the game, and you have to wait for at least half-an-hour.

If we talk about LOL, it features short matches that you can attempt in a free time of the day. Even if you are near the defeat, you can end the game right there by surrendering yourself.


Many people get confused while making a choice between LOL and DOTA. In this article, we have discussed a standard question, is LOL better than DOTA? By keeping all the features in view, we have given the decision in favor of LOL.

Not only have we supported LOL in this article, but we have also explained the reasons due to which League of Legends is better than DOTA.