Counter Strike 2: Is it Free To Play?

Counter-Strike 2

Counter Strike 2: Is it Free To Play?

Counter Strike 2 is finally out! If you're wondering if the game is free to play or not, this article has the answers. We'll cut right to the chase - is CS2 free or not?

Is CS 2 Free To Play?

Yes, Counter Strike 2 is 100% free-to-play.

If you have previously owned CS:GO, you'll have direct access to Counter Strike 2 without having to add it to your library!

Ultimately, anyone could go to the Steam Store and add CS 2 to their library without being charged! To add CS 2 to your library follow the steps below:

  1. Open Steam

  2. Go to Store

  3. Head to the search bar and enter: Counter-Strike 2

  4. Press Play Game

  5. Go to Steam Library and download the game for free

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How To Buy Prime in CS 2?

After you've downloaded CS 2, you might want to add Prime Status to prevent getting matched with potential. To get prime in CS 2, simply head to the CS 2 page on Steam Store and scroll down till you find "Buy Prime Status Upgrade" - after purchasing Prime Status, it will be added to your CS 2 Profile.

If you had Prime Status on your CS:GO account, then don't worry as you won't have to purchase Prime Status again - it will be automatically transferred to your CS 2 account.

Only new players who never had the Prime Status will have to purchase it for the first time.

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How Does Counter Strike 2 Make Money?

Despite being a free-to-play game, CS 2 has numerous avenues for generating ongoing revenue.

One major source is in-game purchases like weapon skins, gloves, knives, stickers, and graffiti that players can buy directly through the in-game store to customize the appearance of their weapons and profile. While these cosmetic items provide no gameplay advantage, they are very popular.

Players can also purchase Prime matchmaking status for $14.99, which pairs them against other Prime players for better match quality and fewer encounters with cheaters or smurfs.

Lastly, the professional Counter-Strike 2 eSports tournaments bring in money through merchandise, in-game items, and lucrative media and sponsorship deals, a portion of which funnels back to Valve. So while the core CS 2 experience is free, dedicated players have plenty of optional purchases to enhance their experience, contributing to a substantial revenue stream.

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And there's the inside scoop on whether Counter Strike 2 is free or not. As we explained, Valve made CS2 totally free for everyone to play, so way more people can try it out. For longtime fans, stuff like the Prime upgrade and cosmetic items let you dive deeper into the game and spend money. With pro CS2 competitions already planned, the game is set up to be one of the biggest free games this year.

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