Easiest Way to Find FACEIT Profile

Counter-Strike 2

Easiest Way to Find FACEIT Profile

So you are playing matchmaking against someone who seems to be really good to be in your rank… Well, maybe he is just a FACEIT player passing by in matchmaking. He could be a level 10 playing in Master Guardian ranks, so the question is - how do you confirm that? Easy, by finding his FACEIT profile. With this article, we will help you find FACEIT profiles of matchmaking players or anyone using their Steam URLs/IDs.

How to find FACEIT Profile by Steam URL?

To find FACEIT Profile, simply head to FACEIT FINDER and enter either the Steam URL or the Steam ID of the player who you are trying to find their profile. You will then find stats such as the Faceit level, world rankings, and more!


What’s cool about using this website is that you can find more than one profile at once (you have up to 10 profiles to search for at the same time). So you can simply gather all the Steam URLs of the players you are playing against in matchmaking and check all of their stats before starting the game.

How to find FACEIT Profile by Steam ID?

Even though the first method works, we don’t know how long that website will be up for so the second method is to find FACEIT profiles through Steam ID64:

  1. Go to the Steam profile

  2. Press F12

  3. Now use CTRL + F

  4. Search for "steamid"

  1. Copy the Steam ID number and then go search for that number on the official FACEIT website

Easy right? Either Steam ID or Steam URL - whatever is easier for you, go for it. Now there are some interesting facts you might be interested in.

FACEIT vs Matchmaking

Matchmaking is the main platform to play ranked in the official CS:GO servers but FACEIT is a third-party platform that is way better than matchmaking... But why? We have the answers below:

  1. They have a better anti-cheat than Valve’s anti-cheat so therefore less cheaters

  2. FACEIT’s servers got 128 tick rates so the gameplay is smoother there

  3. A lot of tournaments are hosted on the FACEIT Platform

  4. Possibility of buying a Premium subscription with lots of benefits

  5. FACEIT is more competitive so you can actually go pro by playing there

  6. Possibility of meeting Pro players there

  7. There are hubs where you can play and win valuable prizes

  8. Live Support available

Yeah, we know… Lots of benefits from playing on the FACEIT platform. If you are looking to chill and play one or two games with your friends then Matchmaking might be the perfect choice for you. Tryhard? Then definitely FACEIT.

FACEIT Levels vs Matchmaking Ranks

FACEIT has 10 levels, starting from level 1 (lowest) and ending at level 10 (highest), if you reach level 10 then you have reached a high level of CS and you will meet lots of good players there, it won’t be easy but it will also be fun.

The OG Matchmaking ranks are: (from lowest to highest)

  • Silver 1

  • Silver 2

  • Silver 3

  • Silver 4

  • Silver Elite

  • Silver Elite Master

  • Gold Nova 1

  • Gold Nova 2

  • Gold Nova 3

  • Gold Nova Master

  • Master Guardian 1

  • Master Guardian 2

  • Master Guardian Elite

  • Distinguished Master Guardian

  • Legendary Eagle

  • Legendary Eagle Master

  • Supreme Master First Class

  • The Global Elite

Final Words

We hope that we made it easier for you to find FACEIT profiles. In case you found some cracked in matchmaking, he may not be a cheater but he could be a FACEIT level 10 who is playing in your matchmaking rank.