5 Best Supports for Kai'Sa in League of Legends
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5 Best Supports for Kai'Sa in League of Legends

Kai’Sa is a popular ADC champion designed to be in the bottom lane - she is known for her high damage output and mobility. She is an incredibly threatening hypercarry that can quickly take over teamfights. To enable Kai’Sa to reach her full potential, she needs a good support partner in bot lane.

In this article, we will explore 5 of the best support champions to pair with Kai’Sa and how their abilities and playstyles synergize with her. Let’s dive in and analyze the top support picks for Kai’Sa!

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Best Supports for Kai’Sa in League of Legends

The top 5 supports for Kai’Sa in League of Legends in Season 13 are Xerath, Zyra, Blitzcrank, Soraka, and Alistar. Each one of these champions provides unique strengths that complement Kai’Sa’s aggressive play-style, we have explained below the benefits of each one of these supports towards Kai’Sa.

Xerath League of Legends


First up on our list of top supports for Kai’Sa is Xerath. He provides long-range poke damage that Kai’Sa lacks in her kit. Xerath can stay safely behind Kai’Sa and use his long-range Q skill to whittle down opponents from a distance. This allows Kai’Sa to farm safely early on until she scales into a late game monster. When Kai’Sa is ready to go in, Xerath has the stun from his E skill and the slow from his W to lock down enemies, setting up easy kills for Kai’Sa to clean up. According to stats from Mobachampion, Kai’Sa and Xerath have a 51.2% win rate as a duo, showing that they synergize well together.

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Zyra League of Legends


Next support for Kai’Sa is Zyra. Zyra brings high magic damage and crowd control to complement Kai’Sa’s physical damage output. With her snare from E and knock-up from R, Zyra can lock multiple enemies down, allowing Kai’Sa to unleash her full burst combo. Zyra also has strong lane poke with her Q plants, allowing Kai’Sa to farm safely early on. Once Kai’Sa gets some items, Zyra’s AoE crowd control sets up perfect opportunities for Kai’Sa to demolish teamfights with her AoE damage. Kai’Sa and Zyra have a solid 51.3% win rate together.

Blitzcrank League of Legends


Blitzcrank is another excellent pairing with Kai’Sa thanks to his ability to pull enemies right into Kai’Sa’s kill range. With his Rocket Grab, Blitzcrank can yank squishy enemies like the enemy ADC or mid laner right into Kai’Sa’s burst damage. Once pulled, they are often locked down long enough for Kai’Sa to unleash her full combo and secure the kill. Blitzcrank also serves as an effective bodyguard for Kai’Sa with his Power Fist knock-up and mana shield from Mana Barrier. According to Mobachampion, this combination have 50.8% win rate together.

Soraka League of Legends


Soraka is an excellent healing support to pair with Kai’Sa, keeping her healthy to unleash maximum damage. With Soraka’s AoE silence from her E, she provides setup for Kai’Sa to dive in for kills. Soraka can constantly heal Kai’Sa with her targeted W during skirmishes, allowing her to stay in the fight using her sustained damage from her passive. When Kai’Sa gets low, she can rely on Soraka’s global ultimate Wish to keep her and her team alive. Soraka’s strong single target healing combined with the AoE silence from her E gives Kai’Sa the sustain she needs to survive fights and secure kills. The stats say that Kai’Sa and Soraka have a 50.4% win rate as a bot lane duo.

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Alistar League of Legends


The final duo for Kai’Sa in our list is Alistar. With his W-Q combo, Alistar can knock enemies into Kai’Sa’s attack range and knock them up for her to unload her full burst damage. Additionally, Alistar can knock back enemies with his Headbutt, peeling them off of Kai’Sa when she is under threat. His E gives helps Kai’Sa by adding a stack of plasma to her opponents, which helps her get her 5-stack passive off for a bit more burst damage a little bit quicker. When Kai’Sa is looking to dive in, Alistar’s Unbreakable Will provides a massive AoE heal plus damage reduction to keep her alive. Mobachampion’s data says that Kai’Sa’s best duo with a 52.4% win rate is Alistar


If you want to climb as Kai’Sa this season, be sure to choose a support that complements her kits strengths and covers her weaknesses. With the right support at her side, Kai’Sa becomes a bot lane menace that can reliably carry games and crush teamfights in Season 13. Good luck Summoners!

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