5 Best Supports for Ezreal in League of Legends
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5 Best Supports for Ezreal in League of Legends

Ezreal has been a staple pick in the bot lane for years, known for his safe and pokey playstyle. While Ezreal's damage and mobility make him a strong pick on his own, having the right support can take his kit to the next level.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 support champions that have the best synergy with Ezreal in Season 13. We will look at how these supports complement Ezreal's kit and allow him to maximize his DPS in lane and in team fights. By understanding Ezreal's best support pairings this season, you can gain an edge with one of League's most popular ADCs.

Best Supports for Ezreal in League of Legends


Ezreal and Zyra

First up on our list of Ezreal's best Season 13 supports is Zyra, boasting a strong 53.8% win rate with the Arcane Shifter according to blitz.gg This mage support brings excellent poke damage and crowd control to complement Ezreal's kit.

Zyra is able to consistently harass in lane with her long range Q plant shots and E root. Her spells combine with Ezreal's Q pokes to whittle down enemies. Zyra provides vision control and her AoE ultimate keeps enemies locked down so Ezreal can dish out damage. Overall, Zyra's range, damage, and crowd control perfectly support Ezreal's poke style while enabling him to secure kills.

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Ezreal and Xerath

The second spot goes to the powerful poking comp of Ezreal and Xerath, winning over 52.8% of their games together in Season 13. This long range mage is an excellent match for Ezreal.

Xerath's constant Q poke and E stun allow him to whittle down enemies alongside Ezreal. His substantial range lets him support Ezreal in wearing down lane opponents before assassinating them. Xerath's wide AoE crowd control from his E and R also sets up Ezreal's full burst on immobilized targets.

Together, Ezreal and Xerath form a dominant sieging and kiting duo. The immense range and crowd control from this poking pair overwhelms many bot lanes.

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Ezreal and Janna

Coming in at number three is the Ezreal and Janna duo, winning 52.4% of games as a bot lane pair in Season 13. This classic combo thrives due to Janna's ability to enhance Ezreal's mobility and keep him safe.

Janna provides consistent shields and movement speed from her W and passive to help Ezreal dodge skillshots and reposition in fights. Her Q tornado and R AoE knockups also set up prime targets for Ezreal to quickly burst down. Additionally, Janna's ability to interrupt engages with her R and Q enables Ezreal to kite away from divers.

Janna enhances Ezreal's mobility with her shields, speed boosts, and disengage tools. This allows Ezreal to safely dish out damage in teamfights while kiting away from danger. Janna's interruptions on enemy engagements also buy time for Ezreal to take down priority targets from range. Together, they form a speedy duo that can poke down enemies in lane and enable Ezreal to unleash his full damage potential in fights through superior positioning.

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Ezreal and Sona

Our fourth top support for Ezreal in Season 13 is Sona, with the duo earning a win rate of 52.3% together. Sona's auras provide excellent buffs for Ezreal's poke and kiting playstyle.

Sona can consistently empower Ezreal with damage and speed boosts from her auras in lane and in fights. This allows Ezreal to trade aggressively and maintain distance from dangerous enemies. Additionally, Sona's strong early game harassment and sustain keeps Ezreal's health topped up.

Ezreal and Sona utilize their combined poke and mobility to control the laning phase. In teamfights, Sona's ability to rapidly reposition Ezreal gives him the tools to deal consistent damage from afar and elude retaliation. This potent duo complements each other extremely well.

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Ezreal and Rakan

Coming in at number 5 is Rakan, winning 51.9% of games with Ezreal in Season 13. Rakan's mobility and engagement are the perfect catalyst for Ezreal's burst damage combos.

Rakan excels at initiating fights, utilizing his R charm and E dash to immobilize vulnerable enemies for Ezreal to swiftly take down. Additionally, Rakan's engage and disengage abilities allow Ezreal to maintain threatening positioning for maximum damage output.

By combining their strengths, Ezreal and Rakan can eliminate targets precisely through their mobility and lockdown. Rakan gets the setup and Ezreal provides the huge damage follow up. This potent pairing generates immense kill threat at all stages in Season 13.

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Ezreal works well with supports like Zyra, Xerath, Janna, Sona, and Rakan in Season 13. Their kits provide crowd control, damage, healing, and mobility to empower Ezreal's poking and bursting playstyle. By picking complementary bot lane partners, Ezreal players can strategize to maximize potential. These synergistic duos will position Ezreal players to climb the ranks this season.

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