Best Support Champions in League of Legends (2023)
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Best Support Champions in League of Legends (2023)

In League of Legends, support champions play a crucial role that goes beyond healing and shielding. They excel in multiple aspects of the game, such as map control, vision dominance, and crowd control.

Support champions excel in guiding their team's actions and empowering their carry champions to succeed. They accomplish this through protective shields, well-timed heals, disruptive stuns, and impactful initiations. These champions have the power to completely alter the outcome of a skirmish and are essential for achieving victory.

In this guide, we will introduce you to a selection of support champions who have proven to be exceptionally powerful and versatile in the current state of the game. Let’s start!



When you find yourself too exhausted to dive into the complexities of other support champions, there's a reliable option waiting for you: Morgana. As a support player, you know that sometimes you need a champion that can deliver impactful results without demanding too much mental and mechanical energy.

Morgana fits the bill perfectly. With her straightforward gameplay mechanics, she offers a refreshing experience that can still make a tremendous difference in your team's success. One of Morgana's standout abilities is her Black Shield, a game-changing defensive tool that can turn the tide of teamfights.

Simply cast it on the most relevant target, usually your vulnerable ADC on the brink of being stunned, and watch as their survivability skyrockets. This single move has the power to secure crucial victories for your team.



Soraka is considered a strong support champion for a simple yet powerful reason. Her strength lies in her unique ability to transfer damage from herself to her allies through healing, albeit at the cost of her own health. This aspect makes her a valuable asset to the team, especially when built with some degree of tankiness.

Without sufficient tankiness, Soraka becomes extremely fragile, making it easier for the enemy team to target and eliminate her. However, when Soraka is built with durability in mind, she can sustain through team fights even after continuously healing her allies, ensuring her survival amidst the inevitable damage inflicted in such engagements.

Overall, Soraka's ability to heal and share the burden of damage with her team makes her a potent support champion in League of Legends.

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Senna is a versatile champion who blends the roles of a marksman and support, allowing her to be played in both positions. Her kit enables her to fulfill multiple roles effectively. Not only can Senna heal and shield her teammates, but she can also deal significant damage. Her healing ability is particularly useful for aiding her allies in sustaining themselves, making her a reliable and safe choice as a support.

Additionally, Senna has the unique capability to increase her attack range by collecting souls, making her a formidable carry in the later stages of the game.


Renata Glasc

Renata is a highly versatile champion known for her ability to adapt to various roles and playstyles. With her diverse skill set, she can fulfill multiple functions in team composition.

Renata excels in supporting her team with protective abilities such as shielding multiple allies, providing buffs, and even reviving fallen champions. Her utility extends beyond support, as she also possesses crowd control and the capacity to deal damage. Additionally, Renata's ultimate ability grants her engaging potential, making her a valuable asset in team fights.



Lulu is a strong support champion due to her versatile skill set. With good wave clear and poke, she establishes lane dominance as a support or solo laner. Her polymorph ability provides invaluable crowd control against burst champions. Additionally, Lulu brings utility to the team with poke, a shield, a speed buff, and a defensive ultimate, making her an excellent pick for defensive and "protect the ADC" team compositions.



Yuumi, the easy-to-play yet formidable support champion, often goes unnoticed but plays a crucial role in her team's success. With her unique spell kit, players who seek a more relaxed playstyle can find solace in utilizing her W ability, "You And Me," which allows her to attach to allies. Resting on their shoulders, Yuumi can unleash damage with her Prowling Projectiles.

Yuumi's passive ability, "Bop 'N' Block," grants shielding for her carry, bolstering their defense. However, it is Yuumi's healing and ultimate abilities that truly shine. Her Zoomies skill replenishes health bars while providing valuable boosts to movement and attack speed. Additionally, her ultimate ability, "Final Chapter," unleashes a barrage of magical damage in the form of seven waves, rooting enemies after three hits. With Yuumi as their adorable yet fierce companion, those who include her in their champion pool will experience reduced death timers and fewer moments spent on the gray screen.

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Rell possesses the ability to dismantle shields with her Shattering Strike (Q), making her a formidable threat against champions heavily reliant on shielding. In team fights, her ultimate ability, Magnet Storm (R), becomes a powerful tool, enabling her to crowd control multiple enemies simultaneously. It is crucial to utilize Magnet Storm when the enemy team is closely grouped together to maximize its effectiveness.

Rell can also employ sneaky engages with her Full Tilt (E) ability. By placing it on the frontline, she can encourage them to engage, and then activate Full Tilt to swiftly close the gap and unleash crowd control upon the enemy team. This tactic can catch opponents off-guard and disrupt their positioning.



Janna possesses incredible kill potential, making her a formidable force on the battlefield. Her ability to set up kills is unparalleled, thanks to her high movement speed, disabling abilities, and damage amplification. Furthermore, the new item Ardent Censer enhances her kill potential by providing a substantial attack speed boost to all allies she heals during her ultimate ability.

One of Janna's greatest strengths is her exceptional disengagement capabilities. This aspect is of utmost importance for a support champion in solo queue. With her arsenal of abilities, she can single-handedly mitigate most enemy ganks when played with sufficient awareness. Each of her abilities contributes to her disengagement potential in some way, allowing her to create a safe zone for her team.

Why should you play as a support in League of Legends?

There are numerous compelling reasons why diving into the support role in League of Legends can be an incredibly gratifying choice:

  • Empower your teammates through healing, shielding, and crowd control.

  • Gain a strategic vision of the game with a focus on map control and vision dominance.

  • Play a pivotal role in setting up successful team fights and securing objectives.

  • Develop strong communication and synergy with your ADC or team members.

  • Enjoy the satisfaction of making impactful plays and turning the tide of battles.


League of Legends is filled with a diverse range of support champions, each offering unique strengths and playstyles. Throughout this article, we have explored some of the best support champions in the game, highlighting their exceptional abilities and contributions to the team.

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