League of Legends Level Borders: Everything to Know
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League of Legends Level Borders: Everything to Know

League of Legends Level borders are a way for players to show off their dedication and time spent playing League of Legends. They provide aesthetic rewards for leveling up and give players something to work towards. The borders come in different colors and increasingly ornate designs as account levels rise.

In this article, we will talk about how LoL level borders work, how to get them, how many level borders exist, and more!

What are League of Legends Level Borders?

Level borders in League of Legends are the decorative frames that surround a player's profile icon. As players gain experience and increase their summoner level, they unlock new level borders that showcase their progress. These borders are a way for players to show off their dedication to League while also providing visual milestones to work towards.

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When were Level Borders Announced?

Level borders were introduced in League of Legends sometime in 2012 as a progression system tied to summoner levels. They provided players with new frame designs around their icons as they leveled up their accounts. After being in the game for 10 years, Riot Games updated the visuals of the borders in April 2022.

This refresh kept the original border designs but modernized them with improved art, resolution, and aesthetics. So while today's level borders retain their core themes, their look was upgraded in 2022 to be more modern after a decade of being in League of Legends.

How Many Level Borders Are There?

Currently, there are 21 different level border designs in League of Legends that players can unlock. Each border has a unique stylized look and is tied to specific summoner level milestones. As players gain experience and increase their account level, they will unlock new borders at set thresholds.

For example, starting out at level 1 earns you a plain gray border, hitting level 30 unlocks a greenish border, reaching level 50 brings a blueish border, and so on. The highest border is unlocked at level 500.

With 21 total borders, players are given fresh visuals to chase after every few levels or so. It provides incremental goals and a way to visually showcase your progress on your profile. So as players climb to higher summoner tiers, they can enjoy unlocking the next level border and being able to rep their current League of Legends experience.

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Levels Required to Unlock Borders

Players unlock new level borders for their summoner icon as they gain experience and increase their account level. The below list explains at which levels you unlock the borders.

Check the video below to see how these borders look like:

How to Change Borders in League of Legends

Changing your border in League of Legends is simple - just follow these quick steps:


You can always choose whatever border that fits you no matter how many borders you unlock. The game gives you the option to change borders whenever you like, for example - if you unlocked the level 500 borders, you can still play with the level 200 borders!

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Level borders in League of Legends provide a fun way to showcase your dedication and experience in the game. Unlocking new borders gives you visual milestones to aim for as you continue your journey in League. They add a unique touch to your profile that you and other players can enjoy. Ultimately, they're about celebrating your journey and commitment to League of Legends and giving a cooler look to your summoner profile.

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