LoL Arena: Best Combos for Duos
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LoL Arena: Best Combos for Duos

Riot Games recently added a new game mode called Arena in League of Legends. This game mode is a 2v2v2v2. In this article, you will find the best lol arena combos that you can play to dominate and maintain a high win rate with your duo.


Kaisa + Support

Kai'Sa is a top-tier pick in the new Arena mode, thanks to her late-game scaling and consistent damage output. She pairs well with tanks, who can help her kite enemies and stack her passive. Some of the best supports for Kaisa in Arena mode include Nautilus, Leona, and Thresh. These supports can all provide crowd control and peel for Kaisa, allowing her to safely deal damage from the back line.

If you're looking for a strong duo to play in the new Arena mode, Kai'Sa and a support is a great choice. With the right support, Kai'Sa can become a devastating force on the battlefield.

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Fiora + Ivern

Fiora and Ivern are a powerful duo to pick. Fiora is a duelist who can quickly take down enemies 1v1, while Ivern provides her with crowd control, peel, and buffs. This allows Fiora to focus on dealing damage without having to worry about being killed.

Combining Fiora and Ivern indeed offers a unique combination of strengths that can catch opponents off guard and secure victories. So make sure to try it.


Annie + Fiora

Annie and Fiora can team up in League of Legends. Annie has a way to control enemies, and Fiora is skilled at defeating enemies alone. Annie's big teddy bear (Tibbers) can also help by attacking enemies. When Annie controls an enemy, Fiora can attack without worry. If Annie affects a group of enemies, Fiora can join in the fight. Together, they can support each other in battles and win by cooperating.

In addition, Annie and Fiora work really well together in League of Legends. They have the power to control fights, deal damage, and stay tough, which helps them win a lot. If you want a great duo lane, you should definitely think about choosing Annie and Fiora.

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Twitch + Cassiopeia

Twitch and Cassiopeia can make a strong combo in League of Legends. Twitch deals damage from afar and poisons enemies, while Cassiopeia has sustained damage and can turn enemies into stone. If you want a duo that can surprise and defeat opponents, Twitch and Cassiopeia could be a great choice.

We consider Twitch + Cassiopeia as the ultimate duo in Arena mode. You should try them and watch the magic happen.


Urgot + Zyra

Urgot and Zyra create an amazing combination in League of Legends Arena mode. Urgot is a resilient bruiser who can lock down enemies, while Zyra brings powerful area-of-effect damage and crowd control to the duo. If you're looking for a lane that can control fights and deal substantial damage, Urgot and Zyra could be a winning choice.

Give Urgot and Zyra a shot in League of Legends. This pair combines Urgot's durability and crowd control with Zyra's powerful area-of-effect damage.

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In conclusion, we have created a list below with the best duos in Arena mode:

  • Kaisa + Support

  • Fiora + Ivern

  • Annie + Fiora

  • Twitch + Cassiopeia

  • Urgot + Zyra

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