5 Best Supports for Samira in League of Legends
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5 Best Supports for Samira in League of Legends

Finding the right support champion to pair with Samira can make all the difference in dominating the bot lane. The flashy ADC relies on supports who can enable her to dash in for quick trades and all-ins. With the right support at her side, Samira can stylishly combo her abilities and score kills with her signature ult.

In this article, we'll break down the top 5 support champions to pair with Samira in League of Legends. These support picks synergize well with Samira's playmaking potential and can help her snowball into an unstoppable late-game hypercarry. Whether you want to set up kills for Samira or enable her to pull off highlight-reel Pentakills, these are the best supports for Samira.

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Coming in at number 1 on our list is Thresh. As one of the premier playmaking supports, Thresh brings excellent synergy and enablement for Samira. His Dark Passage lantern provides invaluable mobility that allows Samira to dash in for aggressive trades. Thresh can also instantly follow up with Flay to keep enemies locked down. This sets up perfect opportunities for Samira to unload her full combo and stacking style grade.

Additionally, Thresh's Death Sentence and The Box give him reliable crowd control to lock down slippery targets for Samira. With his ability to engage and peel, Thresh enables Samira to play at her limit and perform in team fights with her game-changing ultimate.

The two champions cover each other's weaknesses and their playmaking abilities strongly complement one another. This deadly duo can take over the laning phase and transition their dominance into the late game. For these reasons, Thresh is hands down the best support for empowering Samira to carry.



The next support that is a perfect duo for Samira is Nautilus. Nautilus provides the lockdown and crowd control that perfectly complements Samira's aggressive diving style. Nautilus can start fights with his long range Dredge Line to hook enemies for Samira to follow up on. His passive Staggering Blow and ultimate Depth Charge ensure secured kills when Nautilus holds enemies down.

Additionally, Nautilus' Titan's Wrath shield makes him extremely tanky, allowing him to initiate fights that Samira can clean up. He can soak up damage while Samira dashes around the fight, resetting her style grade with each takedown. The zoning potential from his Ebb and Flow is also invaluable to keep enemies off of Samira.

Overall, Nautilus facilitates pick and dive comps for Samira to thrive in. The combination of his CC and durability enable Samira to play aggressively and rapidly stack her style grade into team fights.

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Next up at number 3, we have Leona. As an all-in focused support, Leona pairs fantastically with Samira's heavy aggression in lane. Leona can initiate fights and lock down enemies for Samira to burst down. Her Eclipse and Shield of Daybreak provide hard crowd control for Samira to play off of and follow up on.

Moreover, Leona grants a lot of tankiness and frontline potential with her W to allow Samira to stay safe while dishing out damage. Leona's crowd control chains perfectly with Samira's passive to let her dash in and stylishly eliminate low health targets. Simply put, Leona enables Samira to make big plays in lane and win many fights.

The duo works well together at setting up early kills that snowball into a dominant mid-late game. For supports who want to play aggressively and set up Samira for success, Leona is an excellent choice.



The next support that synergizes with Samira is Pyke. With his strong initiate potential and slippery evasiveness, Pyke enables Samira's high-risk playmaking style. Pyke's Death from Below pairs perfectly with Samira's desire to dash into the middle of teamfights, allowing her to rapidly stack style and unleash her AoE ult.

Additionally, Pyke's Phantom Undertow into Bone Skewer combo brings key CC for Samira to capitalize on. Pyke also grants extra gold from his passive to accelerate Samira's power spikes.

Overall, Pyke lets Samira aggressively dive the backline and make show-stopping highlights. The two champions can dominate lane together with early all-ins and then terrorize teamfights in the mid to late game. Pyke is an excellent pick when you want to enable Samira to pop off.



Our fifth and final support pick that excels with Samira is Rell. While some similarities exist with the previous picks, Rell brings her own unique take to empowering Samira. Her heavy all-in potential allows Samira to go ham, with Rell's Ferromancy: Crash Down knocking up enemies for Samira to dash in and decimate.

Rell's innate tankiness means she can fearlessly initiate fights for her and Samira to take over. Additionally, Rell's ability to keep enemies close with Passive: Break the Mold and E - Attract and Repel makes them sitting ducks for Samira's full combo.

The duo's hard engagement and mobility allow them to dominate extended trades in lane. Rell truly enables Samira's aggro playstyle without playing like a carbon copy of the other supports on this list. For these reasons, rounding out our top 5 is the iron-clad Rell.

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Finding the right support to empower Samira can be the difference between a good game and a great game. The supports on this list all synergize wonderfully with Samira to enable her unique dashing, stacking playstyle. Champions like Thresh, Nautilus, and Leona offer the crowd control she needs to dive fearlessly into the fray. Others like Pyke and Rell provide mobility and engage to complement Samira's aggro tendencies.

Whichever support you opt for, pairing them with Samira will lead to show-stopping highlight plays when you dash in, style on enemies, and pave the way to victory. The bot lane will be yours for the taking with one of these stellar supports at Samira's side.

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