Top Champions of League of Legends

Top Champions of League of Legends
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With a huge list of champions in league of legends, I know for a person who is just beginning the game would be confusing. Especially, this would feel more confusing when you are new to the Summoner’s Rift map and you are dying again and again. Just imagine, you can choose from 130 champions and you have complete freedom over it. It is going to take time to get a grip over the capabilities of the champion and how to properly use them. 

What are the League of Legends Champions?

A champion is that character in the game that is controlled by the player. Every champion comes with a certain set of skills and tricks which you can use in the game for your benefit. 

However, there is one ability that is always unique in every champion and is not present in any other champion. Let’s have a look at some of the top League of Legends Champions.


Garen who is known as the might of the Demacia comes with bonus defensive stats. The best thing about this champion is its faster regenerative health quality which is not present in other champions. 

Moreover, it can help you in learning how to navigate the open-isolated top lane. Furthermore, if you manage to master this champion, you will always be able to stand your ground against the melee champions.


This champion bears the name The Curator of the Sands and it comes with tanky features. It has a unique soul-eating feature that allows him to stay longer in the lane than others. 

Moreover, when you kill a member of the enemy team with its siphoning strike, it gets more powerful with every kill. It has two powerful and popular ways to play with this champion. 

One is to focus on his damage-inflicting capabilities and the other is to farm the power and use it when it is needed the most.


It is one of the quickest jungle clear in the game. Her passive fury of the Dragonborn gives her the power to do more damage to dragons and she gets bonus points for every kill. 

Moreover, it has two basic attack tricks which means it can do double damage to the enemy and applying two stacks of any on-hit effects. 

Furthermore, she is covered with fire, which on the other hand helps in damaging the opponent can also help in clearing up the forests. 


The other name of this champion is the thunder’s roar. It is not as much as Shyvana, but it is good at surviving. Volibear drops to all-fours, gaining speed and throwing the first enemy he reaches backward. 

The majestic roar of this champion slows down the enemy and monsters stop their attack on the Volibear.


Annie has been named as the dark child. This champion has a string crowd control and high burst-magic damage with minimal mobility. 

I fire a fire-bolt at the enemy and if the enemy dies with it, the energy is returned to the champion again. 

Annie a stun on every fifth ability cast and wraps itself in the shield of flame. The best feature is Crowd Control which helps it to initiate team fights easily.

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