League of Legends Season 11 Changes

League of Legends Season 11 Changes

Well, I guess everyone is excited as the new season 11 of League of Legends is here. This season comes with new champions, skins, and much more. The new season is launched in January 2021. I have listed below almost all the changes that have been made in season 11.

Changes in the Items

Changes made in the items are not that remarkable, but still, it makes some difference. I have listed some of the items which are being changed.

Archangel’s Staff

The ability power of this item has been increased from 60 to 70. It now follows the combination of Tear of the Goddess and Needlessly Large Rod to fight.

Chemtech Putrifier

If you have this item, you will be able to damage it for 3 seconds now instead of 2.

Mortal Reminder

The duration of the wounds given by this item has also increased to 3 seconds, which was previously 2 seconds only.

Changes in Champions

Some of the champions and their changes listed below:

Aatrox – nerfed

Ahri – changed

Akali – nerfed

Assassin’s Mark (Passive):

Alistar – nerfed

Amumu – nerfed

Anivia – nerfed

Frostbite (E):

Annie – changed

Ashe – nerfed

Azir – nerfed

Blitzcrank – buffed

Brand – buffed

Caitlyn – buffed

Camille – buffed

Darius – nerfed

Diana – nerfed

Draven – nerfed

Fiora – nerfed

Fizz – nerfed

Gangplank – nerfed

Garen – nerfed

Jax – buffed

Karma – buffed

Katarina – changed

Leona – nerfed

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