League of Legends Beginners Guide

League of Legends Beginners Guide

You might have seen the hype about the League of Legends as the yearly Championship is around. So, let’s talk about it. League of Legends is a game that consists of two teams. Each team has five players with one base that features the Nexus. To win the game, you have to destroy the Nexus of the enemy but do not think it is an easy task. 

What is a Champion?

All the ten players that you will see in the game control a single champion. Each champion comes with special capabilities and powers. Before starting the match, each team selects their champions one by one. But remember, the work of champions depends on how you control and manage it.

Different Characters of League of Legends

If you are getting into League of Legends, you do not have to worry about the different characters which are present in the game. What you can do in the game is to test different characters so that you can understand them better. 

Moreover, in this way, you will also get to know the different weapons which are attached to different champions.

How you become a winner in League of Legends?

The main goal of the game is to destroy the base of the opponent’s team and save yours. The team that destroys the other’s base first is the winner. But along with this, you also have to kill the opponent players.

 But remember, it won’t be easy to accomplish all these tasks. Each base has a series of minions that will hinder your mission and you have to destroy all of them. 

Moreover, you start from the level in the game, and with each passing mission, you move to the next level.

What are Turrets and Inhibitors in League of Legends?

Turrets and inhibitors are both structures in the game. Players can destroy these structures to win the rewards in the game. By destroying these structures, they can push the minions more into the forward lanes to attack the opponent’s base. 

How to get different items and income?

You can earn both the money and items in the game by killing the minions or destroying the structures. Moreover, you can then use the earned money in the game to purchase items ate the fountain’s shop. 

Basically, the main purpose of buying different items is to offer flexibility and different capabilities to the players in the game. 

What are the Fountain and the shop?

The fountain is the main point from where you will start your game and whenever you will die in the game, you will respawn from here. This is also the place where the shop is located, that is why it is also termed as the fountain’s shop. 

Moreover, you can return to this anytime in the game, to purchase anything or heal the damage. But remember, heal yourself safely as during the game you might get attacked anytime. 

Modes in the Game

The game comes with three-five vs. five modes. The first one is the Blind Pick, in which the players choose the champs at the same time and nobody knows the choice of the other team.

The second one is Draft Pick in which both teams choose a champ that will not be used in the game and in this way they know what will not appear.

The last one is the Ranked mode in which you will not be able to play the ranked champs until you reach level 30

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