How to buy Champions in League of Legends

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In any MOBA, a champion or hero is the character that the player controls on the map. Each one is distinct and has at least four abilities that are enabled by pressing the Q, W, E, or R keys. Every champion has one special skill that is more powerful than the others, known as a ‘ultimate,’ which has a long cooldown and can only be used once in a while.

Champions can be purchased with Blue Essence, which can be won in a number of ways during the game. Obtaining it does not necessitate the use of real-world resources. Champions can also be activated using RP obtained only through microtransactions.

In League of Legends, you can purchase champions with RP (real-world money) or IP (in-game currency). You won’t have to spend a lot of money because IP is obtained simply by playing. You can get more IP per match if you queue up with more matches. If you lose, you still get IP, but it will be less.

Riot (the developers) is currently testing a new party incentive program in which you earn more IP per match if you queue with more mates. They have these activities on a regular basis, so keep an eye out. This functionality, however, may not be available for some time. IP Boosts for RP can also be purchased to temporarily increase the amount of IP you win per match.

IP is earned in a linear fashion over the course of a match, based on how many minutes you play. Regardless of how many seconds are in a minute, it is still rounded down. (There are 39 minutes of IP in a 39:52-minute game.) Also, Co-op VS AI modes often gain significantly less IP, so keep that in mind.

The most common method of acquiring new champions would be via IP. There are many ways to improve your IP gains, the most notable of which is to use RP to buy an IP boost (which will increase the amount of IP you receive per victory or for a set period of time) (Riot Points). There’s also the First Win of the Day bonus, which gives you 150 IP just for winning a game – even bots. You can also buy champions with real money. Since RP is purchased with real-world money, this may seem like a waste… but if you’re certain you want a champion and don’t want to wait, this is a viable choice.

Ultimately, the Hextech Crafting system can be used to win champions. You will receive a Hextech chest if you earn an S- or higher ranking on a champion you own and haven’t won one on that champion this season. Hextech keys, which are won randomly if you win a game, can be used to open these chests. You have a chance to get a “champion shard” when you open the chest. You can reroll three champion shards into a random champion you don’t own if you win three. If you have enough champion essence, you can also directly unlock one of the champion shards you’ve won (and know which champion you’ll get).

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