T1 LoL Worlds Skins Are Almost Here!
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T1 LoL Worlds Skins Are Almost Here!

League of Legends players have eagerly anticipated the release of the T1 Worlds skins, and the wait is almost over. These special skins celebrate T1's victory at the 2023 World Championship, where they defeated Weibo Gaming in an exciting final match last November.

As is tradition, Riot Games rewards the world champions by creating unique in-game skins based on the winning team. These skins not only celebrate the victors but also give fans a chance to show their support for their favorite pro players and teams. The T1 Worlds skins are set to hit the rift on August 14th, just a month from now.

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LoL Worlds Skins for 2023

In just a month, we'll finally get to see the Worlds 2023 skin set for T1. These skins honor the champions that helped T1 secure their victory at last year's World Championship. Let's take a look at the champions who will be getting these special skins:

  1. Jayce

  2. Jayce (Prestige Version)

  3. Lee Sin

  4. Orianna

  5. Jinx

  6. Bard

It's worth noting that Jayce is getting two skins - a regular version and a Prestige version. This extra special skin is to celebrate Zeus's outstanding performance during the tournament.

These skins are more than just new looks for the champions. They're a way for fans to connect with the pro players and remember T1's amazing run at Worlds 2023. Each skin will likely feature the team's colors and logo, as well as unique effects that recall moments from the championship matches.

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T1 Trophies

T1 has built an impressive collection of trophies over the years, cementing their place as one of the most successful esports organizations in history. Their achievements span across different tournaments. Most recently, T1 added another major victory to their list by winning the 2024 Esports World Cup. This win not only brought them glory but also a hefty $400,000 prize, showcasing their continued excellence in competitive gaming.

They've achieved something no other team has done before - winning the League of Legends World Championship a record four times. These victories came in 2013, 2015, 2016, and most recently in 2023. This feat highlights T1's long-standing dominance in the game and their ability to stay at the top across different eras of competitive play.

But T1's success isn't limited to just the World Championship. They've also been the champions of Korea multiple times, consistently proving themselves as the best in their home region. This regional dominance has been a key factor in their international success.

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As we eagerly await the release of the T1 Worlds 2023 skins, it's clear that these new additions to League of Legends are more than just cosmetic updates. They represent T1's incredible journey, their hard-earned victory, and their place in esports history. From their record-breaking four World Championship titles to their recent Esports World Cup win, T1 continues to set the standard for excellence in competitive gaming.

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