LoL Anima Squad 2024: Event Pass, Skins, PvE Event Swarm
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LoL Anima Squad 2024: Event Pass, Skins, PvE Event Swarm

The Anima Squad 2024 Event Pass is just around the corner. Starting July 17th, players can jump into a world of exciting new content. This event pass brings a bunch of great stuff for everyone to enjoy. You can earn free cool rewards by progressing in the pass, 14 new awesome skins for your favorite champions, and finally the return of PvE events.

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Anima Squad 2024 Event Pass Rewards

The Anima Squad 2024 Event Pass is packed with awesome rewards for all players. You can get the full 50-tier pass for 1650 RP, but don't worry if you're not looking to spend - there are plenty of cool things you can earn for free too! As you play and complete missions, you'll have the chance to get an Anima Squad Capsule and an Anima Squad Orb, both filled with exciting loot. You can also earn up to 300 Tokens to spend in the event shop. 

The pass includes an Eternals Capsule to help you track your champion achievements, as well as a Hextech key to open those treasure chests you've been saving. To show off your Anima Squad spirit, you'll get a special icon and a cute Seraphine emote

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Anima Squad Upcoming Skins

Along with the launch of the event pass, we're going to get a bunch of new skins to make our champions look amazing. These new skins will be released in two parts, starting with patch 14.14. Here's what you can look forward to in the first half:

  1. A Legendary Skin for Seraphine.

  2. A skin for Aurora, the newest champion to join the League

  3. Yuumi

  4. A Prestige skin for Yuumi that you can get for 2000 Tokens

  5. Xayah

  6. Bel'Veth

  7. Rek'Sai

  8. A Mythic skin for Miss Fortune

The second part of the Anima Squad skins is coming in Patch 14.15 on July 31st bringing:

  1. Aatrox is getting a Legendary Skin.

  2. Leona

  3. There's also a Prestige skin for Leona that you can get for 2000 tokens

  4. Yasuo

  5. Briar

  6. Illaoi

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LoL Swarm, the New PvE Event

Riot Games is finally bringing back PvE events with the launch of LoL Swarm mode. In this exciting new game mode, you'll get to play as champions from the Anima Squad event. That means any champion who's received an Anima Squad skin will be available to choose from.

Swarm lets you pick how challenging you want your experience to be. You can adjust the difficulty to suit your skill level or mood. Plus, you can dive in solo if you're feeling brave, or team up with friends for some cooperative action.

Your mission in Swarm is to face off against enemies from the Anima Squad universe. The main goal is simple but tough: stay alive as long as you can. As you fight and survive, you'll earn power-ups that make you stronger and help you last even longer.

But there's a final boss waiting for you. To truly beat the game mode, you'll need to defeat Aatrox. From what we've heard, this won't be an easy task. Aatrox is shaping up to be a formidable opponent that will test your skills and teamwork.


The Anima Squad 2024 Event Pass is shaping up to be an exciting time for League of Legends players. With a mix of free and paid rewards, 14 new skins across two patches, and the return of PvE gameplay through the LoL Swarm mode, there's something for everyone. Mark your calendars for July 17th and get ready to dive into the Anima Squad adventure. 

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